SDCC-09 (2)

Plans for my three days at this year’s San Diego Comicon have advanced further, so here’s my new (mostly confirmed) schedule for the event:
Friday 24th: may or may not make it along to the IDW panel at noon. News of my new TF series should already have broken by then, so I’ll be around (though maybe on the sidelines) to answer any (well, within reason) questions.
Sat 25th: 3-4PM at the DC/Wildstorm stand, then 4-5PM at the DK booth (2913-G in the Lucasfilm Pavilion). I may have to run to be there on time!!
Sun 26th: 10-11AM at the IDW stand, where I’ll be available to sign copies of All Hail Megatron #13 (and whatever else), then 2-3PM at the DK booth (Transformers: The Movie Universe, TF Ultimate Guide et al).
That’s it for the moment. Keep an eye out for more updates, right here, over the next week!

5 Responses to SDCC-09 (2)

  1. Graham says:


    This is a tad off-topic, but it regards the “Tales of the Fallen” series that you and Mowry are writing. The six issues spotlight Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Jetfire, The Fallen, Arcee, and Ravage. I know it’s too late to have Jolt (the blue Autobot from the movie) as one of the main spotlights, but could you fit him in somewhere? He doesn’t speak a word in the whole movie, so giving the fans a sense of his personality, or a little bit of his backstory, would be greatly appreciated. Maybe tie it one of the issues with a few panels.

    Also, the Arcee spotlight… don’t forget, the three of them can combine! 😉

  2. JD says:

    Another transformers series from you is great news but I was wondering what happened to the thirteen? Has it been delayed or cancelled?

  3. simon furman says:

    The 13 is, as far as I know, on indefinite hold. Not sure if/when that’ll happen.

  4. simon furman says:

    Who knows? Maybe Jolt will find a place somewhere, if not in TOF in the UK movie-verse stories. Keeping watching.

  5. Conor E says:

    So… can you at least confirm that the ‘new’ series of which you speak isn’t simply Tales of the Fallen (which we already knew about) or American reprints of the recent UK-only material (which isn’t exactly new)?

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