The Earth-shaking, 12-issue All Hail Megatron maxi-series spills over into a thirteenth issue this week, which was certainly lucky for me, as I got to tell a decidedly different Transformers tale in which Ironhide and Optimus Prime regroup/reassess in the light of the tumultuous events of Megatron’s all-conquering spree. I also lucked out in the shape of fan-favourite artist Don Figueroa, who returned to the fold to draw this special 11-page story (each of these ‘Coda’ issue features two stories per issue). Can’t tell you too much about the story itself, but rest assured that as well as providing something of a retrospective on the intertwined life and times of Prime and Ironhide it sets the scene for more momentous twists and turns to come. All Hail Megatron #13 hits stores this week, July 22nd in the US (nicely in time for my appearance at the San Diego Comicon) and July 23rd in the UK.

5 Responses to OUT NOW – AHM #13

  1. britesparc says:

    Really looking forward to this issue, Simon, and your return to the main G1 storyline. Hope we see more of your work here in the near future! Already it’s been too long since Max Dinos ended.

  2. Ivo says:

    This will be the first interesting in the whole AHM thing.

  3. Bassbot says:

    THe preview is great, very Furmanesque, and I love Don’s new style. It’s a change, and will be drastic for some, but I like new things.

  4. Orin says:

    Loved the preview and I’ve been reading your old UK stuff (which I grew up on the first time around) to my son. If only they could do a “best of Grim-Grams” šŸ˜‰

  5. Coptur says:

    Loved the Optimus Prime and Ironhide interaction. Anymore thoughts on what you might name Optimus Primes trailer?

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