Just a quick reminder that Auto Assembly, the UK’s premier (in fact, only) dedicated Transformers convention is just over a week away now. This year’s AA is a full weekend, Saturday and Sunday (15th & 16th of August), with two US voice actor guests (Gregg Berger and Ian Corlett so far confirmed) and a host of comics professionals including Nick Roche, Jon Davis-Hunt, Andrew Wildman and Lee Sullivan. Sadly, due to personal commitments, I can’t be there this year, but I’ll be there in spirit as I’ve supplied the script for AA’s live voice actor drama on the Saturday night and I’m one half of the convention-exclusive edition of All Hail Megatron #13 (keep hold of those for next year’s AA and I’ll scrawl all over the cover then!). So what can I tease about the voice actor drama? Well, it’s set in the Beast Wars era for a start, though expect it to be somewhat cross-continuity in nature (as there might still, I believe, be a third voice actor guest). Gregg has two roles. Don’t expect anything too dramatic from the drama, it’s played more for laughs than anything (anyone who caught my two previous Botcon voice actor dramas will know what to expect). There are four roles to be filled by convention attendees (maybe a comics pro getting a look-in there) and artist Simon Williams is narrating in the style of WWE. So, anyway, sad to miss out myself, but I’ll be back for AA 2010. Enjoy! For more details on AA09, check out their website here

4 Responses to AA (DETOUR)

  1. Graham says:

    Hi Mr. Furman,

    I know this has nothing to do with this entry, but I have a small request. I know you’re writing Nefarious, so could you give some more focus to under-developed characters like Jolt, Arcee, and Sideswipe? They’re new Autobots that got very little screentime in the movie, and I think we’d all like to get to know them some more.

    Also, bring some focus back onto characters like Ratchet and Ironhide. They’re always overlooked because they’re not Prime and Bumblebee (who are also great characters).

    I just want to see the entire Autobot team working together against whatever sinister force is arising in Nefarious.

  2. Ralph Burns says:

    The AA script was hilarious and those taking part did so with great gusto. It was highly entertaining!

  3. Simon Hall says:

    Hi Simon!

    AA was ace this year (it was my first), and although I was sorry not to have met you, young Simon Williams more than made my weekend by doing me a Death’s Head sketch and signing me a copy of his Hulk vs Death’s Head comic 🙂 I was well happy! It was such a great vibe over the ocurse of the two days, and well…maybe next year..?

  4. lonegamer says:

    Wish I could’ve been there…

    Tad bit OT, but how’s “Art of the Movies”? It’s still tied up with legal?

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