Spinning out of, though chronologically set before, the blockbuster movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Tales of the Fallen spotlights movie characters and delves a little deeper into what makes them tick. My first contribution to the series comes in the shape of Sideswipe, an Autobot in allegiance if not exactly ethos. Far from coming to Earth to answer Optimus Prime’s summons and protect humankind, Sideswipe is driven by a blinding quest for vengeance and an utter disregard for the organic life he finds teeming on the planet. So much so, he becomes the menace that the other Autobots must roll out and confront — not the massively destructive Decepticon he’s in pursuit of. Where does Ironhide fit in to all this? He trained Sideswipe. And now, he wants the job of stopping him! Tales of the Fallen #2 hits stores this week, September 9th in the US, 10th in the UK. Art is by Carlos Magno, a new talent and definitely one to watch!

4 Responses to TALES OF THE FALLEN

  1. Scorpio says:

    This sounds like the same sort of plot they do all the time. I dont like it when the same plot is used again and in the film Sideswipe (Although rarely shown) Is never shown to hate the humans infact he even blocks a shot at them in the final battle.

    All in all this sounds like a good comic but not a good prequel to ROTF. I`ll be sure to get a copy but my hopes are low for this one.

  2. Blazed_Scar says:

    By having no regard for human life and whatsoever, doesn’t that make him more of a Decepticon? Since you know, Autobots have to ensure that sentient life is safeguarded at all cost and all. Just my two cents worth.

  3. Oscar says:

    Dear Simon, what happened with the Cougar and Fenrir Toys? I am not listen the progress of it… it was a failed project? will be to take up again in the future? please tell me whatever you know. thankyou so much.

  4. rob sideswipe says:

    Sideswipe is an autobot in sense of alliegence but doesn’t share the same
    Strong morals upheld by Prime. He fights to get revenge on the decepticons
    Who slaughtered his comrades. Maybe after this comic and before the movie
    Sideswipe likens to the humans and sees them as allies (NEST)
    Anyways can’t wait to read this and anything else sideswipe related

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