Yeah, I know, another gulf of time and no updates. But, to be fair, I have been busy/travelling and there’s not actually been much in the way of Transformers new releases to comment on. But, finally, I do have some news that’s fit to (virtually) print:

Item 1: last month saw the release of Transformers: Generations 2009 #3, a Japanese magazine published by Million Hero. As previously reported, it contains an exclusive 2-page manga strip written by me and drawn by Guido Guidi, and marks my first work on a purely Japanese strip. I mentioned previously that I’d publish the original English dialog here, but actually Million thoughtfully included an English-language version in the magazine, so clearly that’s no longer necessary. Do check it out if you can, and check out also the exclusive toys on offer in the same issue. The potted biogs for ‘Quantum Agents’ Skids and Screech feature a healthy input from yours truly, and in fact I chose the name for the latter (see pic below). So I feel quite parental about those two. For more information, check out Million’s web page here.

Item 2: and next up, something of a real change of gear for me. I was asked by the editor of online news magazine totalscifionline.com to write a monthly comics review for them, which was interesting because I hardly ever read monthly comics any more (sadly, and I’m ashamed to admit this, I’m more a collected edition guy). Anyway, once the nuts and bolts of the operation were sorted out I got right to it, and enjoyed myself immensely. Anyway, the first of my ‘Comics Candy’ (monthly) round-ups can now be viewed at totalscifionline.com here.

One Response to UPDATES – FINALLY

  1. lonegamer8 says:

    Finally got my copy of TF Generations 2009 vol. 3 and I had a quick snicker on seeing the Japanese namings used instead of the Western forms (Liger vs. Mirage, Destron vs. Decepticon). 😀 Nicely ties the earlier two up.

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