Featuring — the Fallen! Yep, at last, the story can be told. The big bad of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is revealed in all his terrible glory in Tales of the Fallen #4 (in comic book stores this week, November 25th in the US, 26th in the UK). Who was he? When/why did he ‘fall’? What cataclysmic event(s) turned a Prime into a fully-fledged agent of universal chaos and destruction? Witness all the events that led to the Fallen decimating the Brotherhood of Primes and ending up in limbo, banished! It’s your chance to get right inside the Fallen’s head… if you dare! Plus, events in Tales of the Fallen #3 (Jetfire) play out from a uniquely different perspective in the story! Story is by me (though Chris Mowry and I did a lot of back and to on this one), with art by Carlos Magno (who’s currently doing stellar work on Transformers: Nefarious). For essential background on the movie-verse’s ultimate villain — look no further. And for more details of all IDW/Transformers titles check out their website here.

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