It begins here. The continuation of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Transformers: Tales of the Fallen #5 (out this week, December 23rd in the US, 24th in the UK), featuring Ravage, picks up after Revenge of the Fallen and paves the way for 2010’s official comic book sequel — Transformers: Nefarious (which kicks off in March). As we all know, poor old Ravage got his spine ripped out by Bumblebee in ROTF, but someone wants him back up and running, and—more to the point—doing their bidding. Someone, clearly, with access to Cybertronian tech and the know-how to use it. Who? What? Why? Part of the answer can be found in this issue, a big fat clue being Ravage’s mission, the rest of the answers unfold in Nefarious. For the moment, sit back and enjoy Ravage in (silent/stealth) action, doing what he does best, penetrating the very heart of NEST operations. Story is by me, art by Alex Milne (who really story-tells his heart out in this one). Enjoy!

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