January 31, 2010

As promised (in the previous Updates post), here’s my long overdue Script (W)rap for Transformers: Nefarious #2, the official comic book sequel to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. This issue brings Optimus Prime fully into the fray, as The Initiative (the ultra-secret human organization at the heart of the mysterious Project: Nefarious… although when #1 comes out in March, it’ll be that much less mysterious) seek to distract, delay or stop entirely Soundwave’s investigations into the resurrection of Ravage. The all-seeing, all-knowing Decepticon is getting a mite too close to unwrapping the enigma that is The Initiative and, rather than engage directly (as they did in #1), they opt to pit faction against faction in the Utah Salt Flats. Soundwave’s strike team of Dirt Boss, Brakedown and Reverb mix it up with Ironhide, Sideswipe and the forces of NEST, but—as you’d expect—the sparks really fly when Soundwave and Optimus Prime go head-to-head! Meanwhile, National Security Adviser Theodore Galloway gets a whiff of Nefarious too. And, for him, that might just be terminal! Artist Carlos Magno is turning in the most lipsmacking art on this series, complemented by Kris Carter’s superlative colours. I’m so psyched about this series — I hope you guys will be too! More soon… and that’s a promise.

2010 – UPDATES!!!

January 31, 2010

Once again, an extended absence of updates — profound apologies for that. It really has been a massive blur of work and Christmas holidays, etc. And lots of changes. But now the ship has steadied I’m back and will do my utmost to keep you regularly updated. So, what’s been going on? Well, regular stuff continues. I’m five issues into Transformers: Nefarious for IDW (Script Wraps to follow… one for #2 almost immediately!). Just turned in issue #14’s script for Transformers UK, featuring ROTF Bludgeon (who’s also in the current issue [#9], now on sale), and set in South Africa at the time of the World Cup. Talk about synergy. And my monthly Comics Candy review column continues over at (new one due to go live any day now).

That’s the regular stuff. But what’s changed? Well, in December I got the news from Wildstorm that StarCraft would finish with issue #7. Which was disappointing, because I was solidly into the next story arc , which featured some of the game’s heavy-hitters. But, this just heralded a change of editorial direction, and I expect/hope to be back in the StarCraft universe in 2010 in the shape of an original graphic novel featuring those selfsame heavy-hitters. More details as this firms up. Also, following on from my (and Guido Guidi’s) triumphal 2-page Ghost of Starscream story in Million Publishing’s Transformers: Generations 2009, I’m now off and running on a new series of Transformers stories for Japan (with Guido again on art duties). All set in the movie-verse. Really enjoying that. And, I’m developing a pitch for a new Transformers series for IDW. Very, very excited about that one (if it comes off), and I confidently think you guys will be too. It’s almost my dream Transformers job.

But the biggest change was my involvement in The Matt Hatter Chronicles, a new animated TV show that’s tentatively scheduled to air later this year. Not only am I writing episodes for the show, I’m working behind the scenes as Script Supervisor, overseeing the other writers and other scripts, making sure the show is as good as it can be. And, strangely, I’m working with Andrew Wildman again, who’s lead concept artist on the show. Actually, it was Andrew who suggested me for the Script Supervisor role. And we (myself and film journalist Mark Salisbury) just turned in the latest draft of our movie script, which is currently under option with Gold Circle films in America. Just about everything crossed on that one!

So, New Year. Some change, some same old, same old. But 2010’s shaping up to be a really exciting year. Whoo-hoo!


January 3, 2010

Couldn’t possibly conceive of any wolfing down another single truffle or chocolate-coated fondant post-Xmas/New Year? Well then, I have the perfect slimline treat for you in the shape of January’s Comics Candy assortment, which has just been posted on To sample my menu of ten (or so) tasty selections from December’s fare, check it out here.