February 19, 2010

Newsflash: IDW publishing have just released two new Transformers comics on Sony’s PSP digital comics service, Spotlight Cyclonus and Spotlight Wheelie (both, coincidentally, written by yours truly, and drawn by EJ Su and Klaus Scherwinski respectively. If you missed ’em first time round (and if so, why?) or just want to check ’em out in their brand spanking new digital format, you can find both Cyclonus and Wheelie (and a whole bunch of others) here. Go on, you know you want to!


February 1, 2010

My latest Comics Candy review column is now live over on For my thoughts (and occasional rants) on ten choice titbits from the January shipping comic titles, click here. Just missing the cut (only because I didn’t get a chance to pick up a copy in time) was Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #1 (IDW), but I just couldn’t let it go un-hailed. So, here’s a slight addendum to this month’s Comics Candy:

For those of you not in the know, the Wreckers are the kick-ass commandos of Transformers, and writer/artist Nick Roche (ably assisted by co-writer James Roberts) turns in a cracking first issue of their all-new headlining series. Roche certainly knows his Transformers (the more obscure the better) and in amongst more familiar faces there are a host of bit part players given a rare shot at renown or infamy. Lively and witty dialog/banter and neatly executed action setpieces combine to make a thoroughly polished and entertaining read that both perfectly captures the feel of this reimagined IDW-Transformers universe and includes its share of homages to earlier incarnations of the team (most notably the inclusion of UK-created/non-toy character Impactor). It might be a little daunting for anyone new to Transformers, as we’re well and truly cast in at the deep end here, but for those au fait with the robots in disguise this is a highly rewarding experience, one of the best Transformers comics for some while, and it looks stunning. Highly recommended.