Okay, here we go with the next Transformers Nefarious Script (W)rap (collect ‘em all!), my post-script digressions on issue #3 of the six-issue IDW series (as major Spoiler-free as possible, but if you’d rather know nothing, bail now!): so — the Autobots have captured Soundwave. No mean feat, given this master tactician’s knack for being several steps ahead of the opposition. But this time Soundwave’s been outmanoeuvred, by the clandestine and highly well-organized/connected organization known as The Initiative, who would rather pit their enemies against one another than engage directly (though, given their resources, that’s always an option… as you’ll see). But capturing Soundwave is one thing, holding onto him is another matter entirely, as Bumblebee and his trio of Autobot cadets: Jolt, Dune Runner and Breakaway are about to find out. And just in case you think it’s all going The Initiative’s way, they’re trying—urgently—to stabilize a highly volatile ‘infant’ All Spark and fend off rather-too-curious-for-his-own-good Director of National Security Theodore Galloway. Cue the (US) comic book debut of another ‘movie’ character that didn’t make the final cut! But the ‘spotlight’ is well and truly on Bumblebee, who has more to say than usual (even if most of his words are internalized), and the unfolding conspiracy of The Initiative, a conspiracy that stretches back more years than maybe you would expect! Gorgeous art this issue by Carlos Magno, who is just crystallizing as a major comics talent more with every issue. Enjoy (when it comes out in May)!

2 Responses to SCRIPT (W)RAP – NEFARIOUS #3

  1. Martin says:


    Could you shoot me an email? My PC crashed a couple of weeks ago and I lost all in info on it.



  2. Charles RB says:

    “his trio of Autobot cadets: Jolt, Dune Runner and Breakaway”

    That’s a line-up similar to the last Titan issue, which I’m guessing is deliberate: any particular reason Rollbar’s in one and Breakaway’s in the other?

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