Just a quick reminder to any Scandinavian Transformers fans (or those from further afield with a yen to travel) that I’ll be doing the guest of honour thing at this year’s Nordcon convention in Aalborg, Denmark this coming weekend (19th & 20th of June). Attractions include a Q&A/signing session, a script to comic page presentation (featuring the art of Nick Roche) and — finally! — the original script for the unpublished issue #4 of War Within 3: Age of Wrath sees the light of day. Attendees will be able to purchase these (signed, of course) exclusively (for the time being at least) at Nordcon. Look forward to seeing you there! For more details, check out the Nordcon site here and the YouTube trailer here.

6 Responses to NORD STAR

  1. Kimera757 says:

    Did anyone ask you about the potential StarCraft OGN there?

  2. Oh my God, Mr. Furman.
    I don’t want to sound like a starstruck idiot. But I guess that’s what I am. Starstruck, at least.
    I hated you when I read your first story, the Wheelie Spotlight, because I disapproved of how far out of character he seemed. But every single work of yours I’ve read since then has been the best-written Transformers I’ve absorbed. I still don’t like the Wheelie Spotlight, but you are one of my creative role models. I..I wish I could meet you; talk about it, but I guess you’re too famous for that. But I will be reading every work of yours I can get my hands on in the meantime. Who knows? I write TF fiction and draw TF art. Maybe someday I’ll see you in the industry! Or maybe I’ll see you if I ever make it to Botcon or a similar convention. Just know that I love your work, and don’t ever stop dreaming and creating. You’re too talented to do that.
    With much, much love,

  3. simon furman says:

    Starcraft OGN is very definitely ON. No release date as yet but I have started scripting. Big, big story, one that will leave a king-sized crater in the StarCraft universe!! More details as and when.

  4. simon furman says:

    Back from Nordcon! What a great convention, small but perfectly formed. Very nice people. Lots of fun. Thanks, especially, to Martin, Pete and Lars, who worked so hard to make everyone’s weekend. Roll on the next Nordcon!


  5. Thank YOU for joining us, Simon! You helped us make NordCon 2010 into a very memorable event!

  6. Alun E. Jones says:

    Mr Furman any chance of the original script for the unpublished issue #4 of War Within 3: Age of Wrath being up for sale at autoassembly?

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