July 31, 2010

In just two short weeks, the UK’s premier (and, right now, only) Transformers convention, Auto Assembly kicks off in Birmingham. The two-day event (August 14th & 15th) features a host of guests (voice actors, comics writers & artists, character designers), and I’ll be there for both days. Here’s what you can expect from yours truly over the weekend:
Live script reading/audio drama: on the Saturday evening, star guests Gary Chalk and Scott McNeill, plus other guest stars, will be exercising their vocal talents in an all-new Beast Wars audio drama written by me exclusively for Auto Assembly. Those of you who saw last year’s will know what to expect. Let’s just say, nothing is sacred!
Comics Q&A panel: comics creators on stage, to talk about what’s going on (and coming up) in the world of Transformers comics. Guests include myself, Nick Roche, James Roberts, Jason Cardy, Simon Williams and more.
Comic creators workshop: Nick Roche and I take a page of Transformers from conception to script to finished page.
Stuff for sale: I’ll be around all weekend, when I’m not doing other stuff, at my table in the main dealer hall, with Transformers comics and graphic novels for sale (all signed, of course). Plus, I’ll be bringing with me copies of the script for this and last year’s live audio dramas and the script for the (unpublished) fourth issue of War Within 3: Age of Wrath. All signed, all for sale. But numbers will be limited, so don’t delay (though I’ll hold some back for the Sunday for those who can only come on that day). I’ll also have a few pages of Joe Ng’s amazing art for that same issue for you to look at and dream of what might have been! And (yes, there’s more), I have a number of the Skids and Screech two-packs (produced by Takara-Tomy for Million Publishing’s Transformers Generations magazine) for sale. I contributed the bio details for Screech to this exclusive toy, so there’s a bona fide connection here (and yes, I’ll have a translation of that at hand).
So, don’t miss out on all this good stuff. There are still weekend passes and Sunday tickets available (single day Saturday tickets are sold out — the event has already broken the European TF convention attendance record!). You can find all details about Auto Assembly at their website here. Look forward to seeing you there!