I’m Birmingham bound (to Auto Assembly) later, so I just wanted to remind everyone what I’m lugging with me up the M40:
•Copies of the script for the (unpublished) Transformers: The War Within — Age of Wrath #4 (I’ll also have with me copies of some of Joe Ng’s amazing and I believe largely unseen pencils for the issue for people to look at, but these are not for sale)
•Copies of the scripts for my two AA Audio Dramas, this years and last’s. Note: I’ll only be offering the 2010 script for sale on the Sunday, after the live script reading on Saturday night.
•Transformers comics and graphic novels for sale/signature
•A very limited number of the exclusive TakaraTomy/Million Publishing Skids-Screech two-packs, complete with the original biogs (in English)I supplied for both characters (FYI, I named Screech, so I feel quite paternal).
•Copies of Rad Robots, my book on all things robotic from print and screen and more.
So drop by my table — say hi and get something signed. I’m there all weekend (except when I’m doing the comics creators panel on Saturday or my and Nick Roche’s creating Transformers comics talk on the Sunday). Look forward to seeing you there!

8 Responses to ON THE ROAD TO AA

  1. Matthew Hessey says:

    Hey Simon,
    After reading this I began to wonder if, like the Age of Wrath #4 script, there was any chance of you ever being able to do something similar for Energon #31?

    Hope you had a blast at AA by the way.

  2. Alun E. Jones says:

    Simon, loved the Age of Wrath 4 script, outstading really, the only thing bad about it is that it left me wanting to read more…

    really annoys me that you got stopped from finishing your work.

    Any way was a blast to see you at AA, and its great to find out that you are a really nice bloke in real life.

  3. Ralph Burns says:

    As always, Mr Furman, I was impressed by your consumate professionalism and all-round niceness. Read the Age Of Wrath script this evening and really enjoyed it. I appreciate getting the chance to see what might have been. Script to page panel was fun too.

  4. Black Bumblebee says:

    *sigh* Too bad it wasn’t in Birmingham, Alabama. Living in the middle of Tennessee has its disadvantages…

  5. simon furman says:

    Okay, just about recovered from AA 2010. I had a blast. It was great meeting you guys and gals (either for the first time or again). Glad you liked the script reading and Age of Wrath #4. I plan to bring Age of Wrath #5 to the next AA, complete with synopsis for #6 (which I started but never finished). Maybe some Energon goodness too. You never know!


  6. Ralph Burns says:

    I look forward to more Age of Wrath next year!

  7. Sebastian says:

    Ive so got to go to Auto assembly next year.I would love to see some of those unproduced scripts. Say were there any other unproduced dreamwave Beast wars scripts that you made, or only just the one that was posted on your blog some time ago?

  8. simon furman says:

    Plan is to bring Age of Wrath #5 (in script form) to next year’s AA. Plus a bonus synopsis of #6 (which was started but never finished).

    The first issue of Dreamwave’s BW series was written but I’ve no plans to issue that as a script for sale. But I may dip into the unused Energon scripts at some point.


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