The sixth and final issue of Transformers: Nefarious, the official comic book sequel to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, is out now in stores (August 18th in the US, 19th in the UK). Obviously can’t reveal too much about it, but it’s Autobot vs Autobot, Decepticon vs Decepticon and the Initiative is winning. And even if, somehow, the battle is won — everyone loses. It’s history repeating itself for Optimus Prime — a no-win scenario he never expected to face again. Plus, more on our mysterious Seeker. This one, as they say, has it all! Story by me, art by the superlative Carlos Magno.

4 Responses to NEFARIOUS #6 — OUT NOW!

  1. NIBMRatchet says:

    Congratulation Mr. Furman. Nefarious was Awesome. It’s too cool even to describe.

    I have few questions though…

    1)That Seeker is named Fortress. Is he Fortress Maximus?
    2)Though it is mentioned that Nefarious has a “Self-Contained Storyarc”, I couldn’t help but notice that the ending seems to be leading up to Transformers 3?
    3)Are you working for a Transformers 3 project?

    Many Thanks For Everything, Sir! 🙂

  2. simon furman says:

    Glad you enjoyed Nefarious. I had a lot of fun writing it. As for your questions:
    1. He’s Fortress. Full point.
    2. Given that I’m clueless as to the storyline of TF3, that’s good to know/think.
    3. No. No yet. Hope to be.


  3. Peter Hodgson says:

    Saw this & #5 in Leeds comic shop today [selling both normal covers & the rare cover all £2.99 each]. I’ll pick both these issues up soon. Also Waterstones Leeds had the Armada trade in containing #1-18 for £19 , so I’ll pick that up soon [so only have to get one book signed by Simon Furman {the best writer ever} instead of carrying #6-18 to a convention & also gives me more room in my comic box after I sell the originals. I’ll check out which trade paper back you have for sale at AA2011. Also picking up quite a few single issues you have with you for sale too.

    I hope we see more Transformers work in the TITAN comic & for IDW.

  4. Ralph Burns says:

    Missed this in singles. Will catch up via the trade in November. Hooray!

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