Back in May, as part of Sci-Fi London, Resonance FM (in the shape of Alex Fitch) hosted a live Marvel UK panel featuring myself, Dan Abnett, John Freeman and Gary Erskine. Well, four months on, and the first part of that that look back at the 80s & 90s heyday of Marvel UK (covering the likes of Transformers, Death’s Head, Knights of Pendragon, Dragon’s Claws, Doctor Who, Warheads and more) can now be heard as a Resonance FM (104.4FM) podcast (it aired this past Thursday, with part 2 to come — broadcast & podcast — next Thursday). To check out the inside story on our Marvel UK reminiscences — click here.


  1. Orin says:

    Thanks Simon.

    One of the covers on the site reminded me that the other day my wife and I were watching TV and Richard Branson came on – she said “who is that person, I’ve forgotten his name”, to which I replied “oh he was a guy that organized for Megatron to be pulled out of the Thames, but then some decepticons rescued him”

    (Because Virgin didn’t come to Australia until some time later, my first introduction to Branson was in Transformers which is kinda backwards)

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