The news is out — Hasbro’s Battle in Space set, featuring Rodimus and Cyclonus, comes with an exclusive comic book written by me and drawn by Boo. Up till now, I’ve kept quiet about this one, largely because I didn’t want to steal anyone’s thunder, and the script (w)rap for the issue has been, well, under wraps. But now that both set and comic have been announced, it can be revealed (spoilers ahoy — so stop reading now if you’d rather not know) — the comic features an all-new, extra reel of Transformers the Animated Movie! Yes, names not withstanding, this is a neatly spliced new story set within the framework of the existing movie, and focuses on Rodimus (Hot Rod) and Cyclonus in a pitched, no holds barred battle that presages the climactic transformation of Rodimus (Hot Rod) into Rodimus Prime. The story also features Scourge, Kup, Wheelie, Galvatron, the Dinobots and more. No news yet (though feel free to leave a comment and update if you know more) when the Battle in Space set is due to hit stores.



  1. Blackjack says:

    Nice to see you back with Transformers, Simon! 🙂

  2. Daggor says:

    Thank you, Simon – this is exactly the kind of story the fans want. Looking forward to it!

  3. I’m quite looking forward to this. Despite owning the toys already the comic has sold me on getting this release.

  4. Ralph Burns says:

    The inclusion of the comic made me pre-order this set!

  5. Smitty says:

    I was indifferent to this set until I saw your name on is Simon.

  6. Black Bumblebee says:

    Very cool. Everyone is hoping that the inclusion of Kup on the cover means we will soon be getting a generations Kup figure.

    Problem is, now I’ll have to buy two–one to keep in box, and the other to open and actually read!

  7. BB Shockwave says:

    I have already got the “Challenge at Cybertron” set which contains this version of Cyclonus and Hot Rod, plus a repaint of Galvatron – but might pick this one up for the comic (and sell the toys to my friends).

    I have been waiting for any new TF comics from you, Simon – could you drop a hint whether you’re working on anything at IDW right now?

  8. Hans says:

    Great to see you back in the more traditional Transformers Universe, Simon. I really really hope that this isn’t your only project in this Universe.

    I’m hoping for at least a new miniseries from you, or even better, IDW’s ongoing series has been a huge disappointment so far, it could really use a good kick in the tail, which I know you could provide.

  9. simon furman says:

    Thanks everyone for the feedback and kind words. I’m talking to IDW about a couple of possible TF projects for 2011. More news as and when stuff firms up.


  10. Franco says:

    I finally read this story: even though the plot was somewhat hampered by commercial needs (of course, Hasbro wants the comic booklet to promote their new toys!), the idea of expanding the plot of TFTM86, filling plot/continuity holes and adding new layers is excellently executed!
    A new piece of the myth was placed in history, just as it happened with the Madman comic drawn by Roche.
    I wish that Hasbro commissioned enough of these oneshots to fill a TPB… because I want to see all of them collected.

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