As regular viewers of this blog know, I mostly preview/plug/postulate on my own output as author (be it for comics, TV animation or books) or flag any personal appearances, signings, etc, but occasionally something extraneous lands in my lap that I just can’t keep to myself, and one such item is The Art of Hammer (Titan Books), a gloriously lurid coffee table hardback chock full of the superb posters and promotional art (lots of it rare) that accompanied Hammer’s roster of horror, sci-fi, psychological, drama and comedy movies from the 50s to the 80s. Now I’m a big, big fan of Hammer movies, especially its horror output, but even so, there was so much I’d never seen before. The Art of Hammer features posters from not just the UK, but all around the world. I loved the weird Polish poster for One Million Years B.C., the subliminal sexual imagery buried in the UK poster for Vampire Circus (how had I never noticed that before?!) and the minimalist US poster for Dracula Has Risen From the Grave. Author Marcus Hearn has done an amazing job of collating, scanning and restoring the art, and it’s a book to relish again and again. Can’t recommend it strongly enough. Whether or not you love Hammer movies, it’s a gloriously packaged and designed art book in its own right and a fitting tribute to a quintessentially British institution. The Art of Hammer is in bookshops now.


2 Responses to IF I HAD A HAMMER…

  1. Nick Roche says:

    Mmm, thanks for the tip-off on this! I’m finding Mark Gatiss’ BBC 4 series a great help as a shopping list for the Hammer virgin (Not those kind; I mean uncultured folk like me)so my interest for all things ‘Poster Paint Red’ (That’s what they used for blood, right?) is very much currently whetted. I shall add this to my Nickmas list.

  2. simon furman says:

    Trust me, it’s a thing of beauty (in a lurid and sometimes cheesy way). But there’s just so much to salivate over if you love movie poster art. I really enjoyed the Mark Gatiss series too!

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