And here’s the second half of #31’s outline:

Earth: and in the desert Kicker is battling five airborne foes — using his energon powers to both defend himself and counterattack. Overconfident, Kicker is caught unawares by the unexpected versatility of his attackers and only just manages to deflect the final attack. It’s an AlterEnergy training exercise, overseen by Rad and Doctor Jones (Kicker’s father). Both are concerned that Kicker is not taking the threat to him seriously. Twice now he’s been actively targeted, and though both abduction attempts were thwarted they anticipate further attempts to capture him. They need to understand more about Kicker’s powers to know why the Terrorcons want him so badly, but Kicker is tired of jumping through their hoops and stalks off.

Cybertron: Over-Run is deep in past events, and we see Alpha Quintesson urgently calling for something called ‘the Conduit’, but before it can be brought to him for safekeeping, it’s destroyed. As Alpha Quintesson’s escape ship is pulled back into Unicron, he just manages to teleport the Initiator to… someone.

Back to Kicker, who decides it’s time he hit the road. He tries to flag down a passing heavy load carrier but suddenly it transforms and attacks. It’s Demolishor!

Finally, on Cybertron, Over-Run confesses a nagging fear that someone on Cybertron is a traitor, and the unseen listener is revealed as none other than Avalon — Autobot High Councillor and Alpha Quintesson’s secret collaborator!!!

To be continued…

10 Responses to ENERGON ARCHIVE (2)

  1. BB Shockwave says:

    That’s a neat twist with Avalon! 🙂 And clever disguise from Demolishor – on the construction site Kicker and his dad were working, a hulking dumptruck is indeed inconcspicous.

    Would we have gotten some explanation about Demolishor’s upgrade and change of allegiance? Last we have seen him, he was a deputy of Thrust (currently working with the Autobot Council) and shot in the back by Starscream.

  2. Franco says:

    Oh, part 2 is already out? Too much awesomeness, I’m overwhelmed!

  3. Black Bumblebee says:

    Very cool to see this information finally being published. The comic book was really the star of the Transformers time period, as the cartoon series was a bit “lacking.”

    Thanks also to those posting the unpublished art to go along with the comic. It really is a shame that everyone involved wasn’t paid for their work, and stunning work at that.

    Now, since you’re giving a bit on Energon… does that mean there’s still hope in getting a plot summary of the last few bits of War Within? 🙂

  4. Thanks for this Simon. The comics of that time easily beat the kiddyish cartoons and where vastly superior. It is nice that we are now being given an insight to what would have been had Dreamwave not sadly ended up as they did.

    Looking forward to the next part!

  5. Franco says:

    By the way, I think the “six months” hiatus is designed to give room to self-contained stories like the Summer Special one, or even the booklet included in some toys (the story about Omega Supreme’s construction).
    Another clever move, that also allows for many additional fan-stories!

  6. JazzLuca says:

    Great! I’ve been waiting for those stories for years, and the first part alone is awesome already!!

  7. metallicus_prime says:

    Thank you Mr Furman for these posts. As a fan, it’s very much appreciated. I look forward to finding out what happens not just with ‘Energon’ but also ‘The War Within vol 3’.

  8. simon furman says:

    I’ve gone a slightly different direction with War Within 3: The Age of Wrath. There I’ve actually taken scripts for the unpublished #4 along with me to conventions, for sale as signed items. I intend to do the same with #5 next year – which will come with a synopsis/outline for #6, which was never scripted. So, in the first instance, look for me at personal appearances in 2011, but after that I’ll look at a way to at least get a succinct overall synopsis of #4-6 out to the masses.

  9. Franco says:

    I think this is in continuity with that Energon mini-comic (volume 3) featuring Shockblast, the Eclipse Team and Omega Supreme.
    Could it be that mini-comic was really written by mr. Furman? The dialogue and plot style looks quite Furmanian.

  10. Black Bumblebee says:

    Very cool–yeah, I just saw posted a summary of issue #4 of Age of Wrath at TFW2005. I’m cool with waiting… after all, I’ve been waiting 5+ years for the next George RR Martin book, I can wait a year for the next part of this, too 🙂

    Hope we get to see you again on the main Transformers comic sometime in the near future

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