Here’s the next bit of unseen/unpublished Energon, in outline form, the first half of issue #32’s ‘Armageddon Part 1’ (the beginning of the end for Energon):

Cybertron has become a dark, dangerous and lawless place, and gangs of Decepticons (emboldened by the resurgence of Megatron on Earth) now roam freely, openly, actively looking to re-open old wounds, enflame old hostilities. In sector zero, Dropshot encounters just one such gang, comprised of former Autobot Wheeljack, Skywarp and Thundercracker. Dropshot wants to go about his business, repairing a defective grid switch (part of a network that delivers refined energon across the planet), but Wheeljack and the others are intent on provoking him. Finally, Dropshot loses all pretense of diplomacy and engages weapons systems, ready for a fight. Wheeljack and the other Decepticons appear suddenly afraid… but not of Dropshot. Rising/forming behind Dropshot is the ghost-like Starscream, a deranged creature of pure energon!

Dropshot is seized by Starscream and hoisted twitching into the air. Wheeljack, Skywarp and Thundercracker flee in abject terror. Finally, Starscream discards Dropshot (his body almost completely drained of energon). To Starscream’s unhinged mind, all Cybertronians are merely “fragments of the eternal flame” that he must extinguish & consume!

In Avalon’s private chambers on Cybertron, the High Councillor communicates (via an interface console) with Alpha Quintesson. Avalon sees a way to remove the threat posed by Over-Run (to the coming ‘Inversion’) without raising any suspicion. He has divined a pattern of sorts in Starscream’s madness and believes that with suitable prompting/bait this ‘force of nature’ can be directed right to Over-Run’s door. Alpha Quintesson reports in turn that Unicron is now close to full reactivation, and that, as a consequence, their other rogue element (Optimus Prime) is running out of places to hide.

Sure enough, deep within Unicron, Optimus Prime is fighting a desperate and losing battle against Unicron’s lethal internal defences. And for every bit of damage Prime does to the larger infrastructure, every sector or zone he ‘kills,’ thirty others come on line. The only way forward, Prime believes, is to somehow cut off the steady supply of energon that is rapidly restoring Unicron to operational/aware status.

Earth: and Jetfire and Perceptor (combined Street Action Team) gauge the approach of Unicron, calculating 30 earth days until it reaches Cybertronian space. Jetfire wants all Mars base sensors trained on Unicron — as he hopes Prime will try and make contact. Perceptor conjectures that even if Prime is within Unicron (and they only have Megatron’s cryptic ‘belly of the beast’ message to go on) the chances of him being still alive are infinitesimal. But, above all else, Jetfire “believes” in Optimus Prime.

4 Responses to ENERGON ARCHIVE (3)

  1. Franco says:

    ‘Inversion’: I love the sound of that!
    Also: great way to fit Starscream’s ghost into the main plot, describing him/it as the terrifying abomination that he should be (he is a supernatural creature!).
    Last but not least: Armada Continuity!!

  2. BB Shockwave says:

    Heh, Simon, you killed Dropshot again! That’s the third time! 🙂

    Love what you have done with Starscream, I hated his subservient yes-man attitude in the Energon cartoon, that was so unlike him. Pretty clever plot from Avalon too.

  3. ARCTrooperAlpha says:

    wow. Dropshot never can get a break. If he’s drained of Energon, is he dead?

  4. SolGravitonNova says:

    What were your plans for the Maximus combiners?

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