Continuing my reprise of the final (unpublished) issues of Dreamwave’s Transformers Energon comics with the first half of #33’s outline, ‘Armageddon part 2’:

We flashback to: an alternate (future) Cybertron, as Over-Run departs, with the Mini-Con Matrix, in the Null Reality Pod (the arrival of which we see in Armada #13/14). Zapmaster urges the clearly reluctant Over-Run to go. Their Cybertron is no more, almost entirely consumed by Unicron. The Mini-Con Matrix is their legacy, the one hope of stopping the chaos-bringer, and they now bequeath it to another Cybertron. If their sacrifice is to have any meaning, Over-Run must survive.

Dramatic cut to our (core) Cybertron, now: Over-Run lies sprawled/unmoving on the ground, the Mini-Con Matrix shattered, and ghost Starscream looming over him, suitably deranged. The arriving Omnicons (Arcee, Skyblast, Signal Flare & Strongarm) witness this scene with a mixture of shock and rage. Using their evolved energon-fuelled powers, the Omnicons attack Starscream, but he just soaks it up, and around the combatants an energon inferno ignites and rages!

Nothing the Omnicons throw at Starscream makes even the slightest impact. Physical force proves useless against the intangible, spectral Decepticon. The Omnicons’ own powers are turned back against them. Finally, Starscream traps Arcee and Signal Flare in energon bubbles. He gleefully tells them: “all this activity… has worked up an appetite!”

Meanwhile, on Nervissa, the Four Horsemen (Death, War, Famine & Pestilence) resolve to return to Unicron, no matter what Alpha Quintesson says to the contrary. Their allegiance is to Unicron, not to him. As if anticipating their rebellion, Alpha Quintesson contacts the Horsemen with a new target: the Autobot/AlterEnergy Mars base.

Where, currently, Carlos is using the base’s scanning hardware to search for Kicker. He cautions Rad (via comm. link) that while their early warning sensors are trained on Earth, they’re vulnerable to attack. But Rad, on Earth, is all about finding Kicker. Demolishor grabbed him on Rad’s watch and he feels responsible. At least, Carlos says, they know Kicker’s still somewhere on Earth. As well as keeping invaders out, the planetary shield inhibits Space Bridge transportation, thereby keeping them in. Rad is pretty far from impressed with the Autobot reinforcements he’s been allocated. Grimlock and Swoop have said/done little or nothing so far. Alexis contacts Carlos from the U.N., where a joint agency/country intel pool has been set up to help locate Kicker.

Back on Cybertron, the situation is going from bad to worse. ((MORE SOON))

One Response to ENERGON ARCHIVE (5)

  1. Franco says:

    The continuity here is fantastic: the combination of Armada and Energon elements (Over-Run, Zapmaster, the Omnicons, Starscream) is epic beyond words. A pity that nothing even remotely like this happened in the cartoon (well, to be fair, it got me so bored that I cannot remember the events of the carton).
    Now, I can only imagine how good a Cybertron comic could have been.

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