As promised, here’s this week’s third Energon Archive update, the second half of Transformers: Energon #34, ‘Armageddon part 3’:

On Earth, Jetfire agonizes. He knows (from Rad) that if he lowers the shield now it will allow Demolishor the window of opportunity he needs to escape with Kicker, but at the same time he desperately needs to send reinforcements to Mars. Omega Supreme is on-line and about the only thing truly capable of stopping the Horsemen. What to do? Rad is closing in (thanks to information provided by Alexis), but can he get to Kicker in time… and free him? Jetfire diverts what resources he can to help Rad and sends the signal to Mars: hold out as long as you can.

Easier said than done. Automated sentries and Guardian robots are cut down wholesale and the Autobots stationed on Mars Base amount to exactly four: Bulkhead, Quickstrike, Prowl and Checkpoint. They join the battle nonetheless — and almost immediately Prowl is cut down.

On Cybertron, Levitacus interrupts Avalon’s preparations to send the seismic shock warhead through a (non-Cybertronian) spacebridge portal. He confronts Avalon, and is attacked ruthlessly. It’s been a long time since Levitacus used his alt. mode, but Avalon has no such compunction about cutting loose. Levitacus is forced to respond in kind, and the battle escalates. Wheeljack observes the battle and duly reports to Megatron, who orders him to intervene — and stop Avalon. Avalon defeats Levitacus but is surprised and then felled by Wheeljack. Critically wounded, Avalon just manages to trigger the spacebridge transfer and the warhead disappears.

Within Unicron, Optimus Prime begins his perilous ascent (to the surface) through a redundant vent shaft. He reaches a staging level, whereupon he is suitably shocked to discover the (newly arrived) seismic shock warhead, armed and counting down to detonation!

And, finally, Alpha Quintesson orders Demolishor (waiting by a spacebridge portal in a subterranean cavern in central Mexico) to stand by. He expects the planetary shield to lowered at any moment, and when that happens he is free to transport the Conduit — Kicker!

To be continued…


2 Responses to ENERGON ARCHIVE (8)

  1. Franco says:

    Kicker was the Conduit?!? I can’t wait to read his origin, now.
    It’s getting epic on an unprecedented scale (Trilogy cartoons included), but my favorite bit is the old mech battle: Levitacus versus Avalon, both “rediscovering” their alt modes… sounds like Alpha Trion versus Emirate Xaaron.

  2. coptur says:

    this is all good such a shame it had to end. What of Predacon and Sideways?

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