The closing stretch of the de-archived outlines for the unpublished issues of Transformers: Energon begins with the first half of issue #35’s ‘Armageddon part 4’:

Out of the blue, Megatron’s Decepticons target one of the shield generator towers in an all-out assault — intent on collapsing the energon shield around Earth. The reason: Megatron is ready to return to Unicron… to confront and, ideally, destroy Alpha Quintesson. Caught unawares, Jetfire urgently scrambles a response team, but his resources are stretched to breaking point. The ongoing search/rescue mission for Kicker, the attack on Mars base… and now this! If only Optimus Prime was still with them! They need his power now more than ever!

At that exact moment, Prime makes it out onto the surface of Unicron — heading, with some urgency, for an external sensor array. His anxiety is two-fold: first, he needs to warn the Autobots that Unicron is much, much closer to full reactivation than they calculated (thanks to the steady supply of energon from Nervissa) and second, he had to get himself off Unicron before the seismic shock warhead he discovered en route detonates! Immediately, a multitude of Terrorcon clones descend. Prime fights them off as best he can while simultaneously trying to turn the sensor bundle into a transmitter. But even if he succeeds in getting a SOS out — there has to be someone actively looking for it. Prime’s window of opportunity in measured in nano-klicks.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, Rad and his AlterEnergy assault team are closing in on Demolishor and the captive Kicker. His forces have been bolstered by the addition of Wing Saber, Cliffjumper, & Rodimus, plus Grimlock & Swoop. At close range, Rad is able to pinpoint Kicker’s exact position and they head underground into a massive cave system. Demolishor… is ready for them!

Megatron watches and waits as the assault in the shield tower intensifies. He is only too aware this is something he should have done months ago. The knowledge of his own vulnerability is sure to humble and destroy him more completely than a thousand Unicrons. To be the leader he was, he has to face his fear and conquer it… utterly! Megatron knows exactly where to deposit himself to evade Alpha Quintesson’s early warning systems, and once in he’s effectively immune to the local antibody systems (as his current body was created in situ). Nevertheless, should Unicron return to full sentience while he’s still inside, no power in the universe will save him.

On the surface of Unicron, Prime succeeds in sending his SOS — only to be completely overwhelmed.


8 Responses to ENERGON ARCHIVE (9)

  1. Chris McFeely says:

    A question, Simon – did the idea for the planetary defense shield covered in these issue summaries come from the pretty-much-identical Energon Grids seen in the cartoon?

  2. Franco says:

    Megatron’s long due reconquest of his old status! It’s wonderful how this epic and multi-faceted plots leaves room for character analysis/development.

  3. simon furman says:

    Hi Chris — where possible we took stuff from the cartoon show and rolled it (sometimes in dramatically altered form) into the comic series. We never wanted the two to be so different as to be unrecognizable. So, for instance, locations like Ocean City would feature in both. Certainly, the inspiration for the planetary defense shield would have come originally from the show.

  4. simon furman says:

    And Franco – thanks for all the feedback. Very glad to hear you (and many others) are getting such a big kick out of these outlines finally seeing the light of day. Nine down, three to go!

  5. MistaTee says:

    I’m really enjoying this stuff too, Simon. Thanks so much for holding onto it and finally getting it out. Now all we need is for someone to volunteer to draw them 🙂

  6. JazzLuca says:

    I just love how you took the basic ideas established by Hasbro and Takara for the Energon series and then brought their true potential to life (I’m sorry, but the Energon cartoon just failed in doing this).

  7. Emmet Sheil says:

    If only the anime was this cool.

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