The second half of the outline for (the unpublished) Transformers: Energon #35, ‘Armageddon part 4’:

Optimus Prime’s fleeting SOS is picked up by the ever-alert Perceptor. He immediately alerts Jetfire: it’s Prime — he’s alive! With heavy heart, Jetfire advises Rad (he and his forces currently held at bay by the epic power of Demolishor) that he now has no choice but to lower the defence shield (before it falls anyway!). Omega Supreme is standing by to relieve Mars Base and Optimus Prime needs extraction — now. He’s sorry, but Kicker will have to fend for himself.

The shield is lowered, and Omega Supreme enters the fray in earnest… engaging Unicron’s Four Horsemen with a truly monumental display of firepower. Simultaneously, Megatron makes the jump into the very heart of Unicron — just as Jetfire flies in, adding his might to Optimus Prime’s fraught (and losing) battle with the Terrorcons.

Rad, alone, reaches the cavern in which Kicker is being held. As long as Grimlock and the other Autobots can keep Demolishor busy, they still have a chance. But Rad is stopped by a forcefield, one Kicker tells him is designed to counteract his energon abilities. Anything he tries just strengthens the field. Rad contacts Carlos, who concurs. It’s very similar to the sort of defences AlterEnergy have been developing: if he can pinpoint the field’s harmonics frequency, they might just be able to throw a spanner in the works. But Demolishor, now alerted to the lack of shield, is coming back, intent on transporting Kicker to his final destination.

And within Unicron, Alpha Quintesson activates the Initiator, opening a vast portal to an alternate dimension. Quintesson ships immediately enter Cybertronian space, blitzing the planet. Next, he prepares the satellite into which the Conduit (ie. Kicker) will be ‘installed.’ Through it/him, the cores of the two planets will be inextricably linked via complex energon ‘streams,’ bound for all eternity (and so they will control all levels of Cybertron’s infrastructure). Kicker’s unique physiology — replacing the original mechanical Conduit — will unite the two streams, becoming just a component in a sophisticated inter-link assembly. As a human being he will cease to exist! Then, the final coup de grace, the exquisite moment Alpha Quintesson has been dreaming of for many, many years — the utter destruction of Unicron! First, though, the Conduit!

But… Kicker is not where he should be. Freed by Rad and Carlos, he’s on the run.

And finally, Megatron vengefully takes on Alpha Quintesson. But, before he can finish him off, Megatron realises that Unicron is now awake and aware. He’s trapped inside the chaos-bringer — again!

To be concluded…

6 Responses to ENERGON ARCHIVE (10)

  1. Franco says:

    Are we going to learn Kicker’s secret origins? 🙂

  2. Ryan says:

    I applaud you Mr Furman. I was never a big fan of the energon or armada toys or cartoons but the comics when you did them sucked me right in! I got back into tf’s when I picked up issue 78 of the g1 marvel run and it lunched me right back into the world of transformers, much to my wife’s dismay! Lol it took years to collect all the pervious issues but it was worth it! I so wish you would writing TF’s again. A few years ago I got the script for #80 at hotdog from you and I loved the different look from that side of comics I was wondering if you had a copy of #78 script lying around? If not oh well but either way I would like thank you for getting myself and my kids into transformers. Cheers!

  3. paul eiding says:

    A big fan, Mr. Furman.

    Just one request: More Perceptor please. 🙂

    All the best!

    (a very biased) Paul Eiding
    Voice of Gen 1 Perceptor

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