Here it is, in one massive hit — the final (unpublished) issue of Transformers Energon (#36) in outline form. It all ends here. But, of course, it never ends!

As the Quintessons blitz the surface and infrastructure of Cybertron and the Autobots and Decepticons struggle to muster any kind of concerted/effective response, the Omnicons (Strongarm, Signal Flare, Arcee and Skyblast) prepare to open the Hub mainframe and mine its storehouse of ancient secrets and power.

A message from Over-Run, recorded in the desperate moments before Starscream struck, helps them understand their two-fold purpose: they are the missing link between the old and the new, guides to an evolutionary step that their race must take if it is to survive and thrive. But their more imminent/urgent mission is to tap the deep well of energon at Cybertron’s own core and empower the populace with enough raw juice to tackle the invaders (foreseen by Over-Run). But to do both, they need a Prime (the key).

On the surface of the now active (and rapidly closing in on Cybertron) Unicron, Optimus Prime and Jetfire battle impossible odds. Now Unicron is a conscious entity once more, he orchestrates wave upon wave of Terrorcon attacks. Even in their combined form, Prime and Jetfire struggle to endure the sustained punishment.

On Earth, Kicker finally decides to stand his ground and face the oncoming Demolishor. Kicker tells Rad to stand well back as he taps into the sum total of Earth’s energon reservoirs, knowing full well it could destroy him. Somehow, Kicker channels/controls the seething power, and finally releases it as a focused burst of unimaginable force. Even shielded as he is, Demolishor is destroyed outright!

Meanwhile, Unicron prepares to ingest the defeated (but still living) Prime/Jetfire but, suddenly, Unicron’s attention is elsewhere… within. In Unicron’s Spark Core Megatron cuts loose with his full energon-enhanced might, destroying key/critical systems, purging any remainder of his fear with blind carnage. Critically wounded, Alpha Quintesson tries to escape/join the Quintesson fleet, but Megatron cuts him down before he can fully teleport away. His twisted, smoking remains materialize in the Quintesson flagship — engendering panic. Unicron is closing fast and the portal to their Quintessa is wide open. Has the plan failed?

Prime and Jetfire take advantage of the suddenly confused/directionless Terrorcons to escape — heading for Cybertron. Prime senses the Omnicons’ need and heads directly for the Hub mainframe. Once there, he unlocks it. The Omnicons’ energon stars glow bright and they go forth into the battle to recharge the needy. As for Prime himself, he gathers his most true and trusted warriors, imbuing a select few with the Spark of Combination.

Aboard the Quintesson flagship, commander-in-chief Maxa Quintesson diverts the fleet’s firepower against the approaching Unicron, deciding he cannot risk the destruction of another Quintessa. Unicron fights back — decimating the fleet.

Prime orders all troops — including those on Earth and Omega Supreme, victorious in his battle against the Four Horsemen — to pull back to Cybertron. They have to defend their planet with every warrior at their disposal. Having seen the seismic shock warhead, Prime knows what’s coming, but will it be in time?? Cybertron could still be consumed.

On Earth, Rodimus and the others are ready to launch themselves through the spacebridge portal intended for Demolishor and Kicker. Kicker insists on coming too. He can make a difference! Having seen him deal with Demolishor, Rodimus doesn’t argue too much. They need each and every edge they can get. Kicker bids farewell to Rad (and Carlos and Alexis). But he’ll be back — count on it.

As Unicron despatches/consumes the last of the Quintesson fleet, he comes under attack from the entire Autobot and Decepticon armada — plus Kicker (in the cockpit of Wing Sabre). Prime leads the charge, knowing they just have to delay Unicron just long enough!

Within Unicron, as Megatron makes his bid for freedom, blasting his way past part-digested Quintessons, so the seismic-shock device goes critical, beginning a monumental, apocalyptic chain reaction. The Autobots and Decepticons retreat, just as a monumental explosion tears Unicron apart! A vast shockwave spreads, smashing into the still open portal, causing it to implode. Cybertron is rocked by a tidal wave of force — scattering the awed Autobots and Decepticons. But it passes, and when next they look Unicron is just gone, a massive debris field/ring all that’s left. Megatron’s fate is uncertain. He is simply listed as ‘missing.’

In the aftermath a new threat to Cybertron surfaces. The portal has turned into a hungry, all-consuming threat of its own and Cybertron is slowly, inexorably being pulled towards it!


And no, I never got as far as detailing how Transformers Cybertron would have played out in comic form. But I have one last treat from my Dreamwave archive still to impart. I’ll post that in the run up to Christmas. A little present from me to you!


  1. Chris McFeely says:

    It’s been really great finally getting to read these, Simon! I look forward to the missing chapters of “The Age of Wrath” getting the same treatment in the future!

    (For purely anal, wiki-related purposes, is this “Armageddon Part 5”, or does it have another title, or is it title-less?)

  2. simon furman says:

    Yeah, ‘Armageddon part 5.’ Sorry, forgot to mention that.

  3. Collecticon says:

    So how exactly do Energon Jetfire and Energon Optimus prime combine?

  4. MistaTee says:

    I echo Chris’s comments, Simon. Great conclusion to the series! Thank you for this, and thanks in advance for whatever you have that’s upcoming. We are glad “it never ends!” 🙂

  5. Man… wow.

    I wasn’t back in the fandom yet when these stories would have been originally published, but still… wow.

    Had this gone through, Simon, it would have been a real contender on the “Top Simon Furman epics” list. The list that has Time Wars, the end of Marvel US, and G2 on it. (I’d have put Revelation on there, as I really liked that, but it doesn’t live up to what I consider your very best work).

    This, however…. considering that this was a Dreamwave book, with the implied art/coloring talents involved, it would have been an AMAZING read.

    And it makes me upset that we never got it.

    Bravo, sir. Bravo.

    Now, if only we could have seen where you were going with the -ations had your run not been cut short. But unlike this, those went on with new creators (so I don’t really want to know the “what could have been” out of respect for those who followed in your footsteps- it’s unfair to judge them that way)

    What we need, maybe, is a Marvel US/G2 sequel. If they can bring back Hama to continue his stuff (which I’m enjoying), surely they can bring you back to continue your game plan for how the Marvel stuff would have continued.

    (That is, of course, if you’d want to…)

  6. Franco says:

    Wow! What a whirlwind of subplots!
    The Omnicons are so different from those cheap clones in the cartoon…they have a most definite G2 feel, here, and I think that their story would have continued in a Cybertron comic (just like Over-Run went beyond Armada).

    And maybe not just them: an ideal continuation to the Energon comics came from the TransformersClub comics; in the first or second arc of their stories, they referenced Over-Run’s death at the hands of Starscream, and then put him back in action as a disembodied entity inside Cybertron’s mainframe.

    The end of Alpha Quintesson is terrifying, just like the ordeal of Megatron inside Unicron (part-digested Quintessons!!!).

    I’m glad that Kicker did not become a deus-ex-machina in the final battle: the seismic-shock warheads are a more fitting device, as they were actually created by a Cybertronian.

    Interstingly enough, the black hole from the Cybertron cartoon is now a different singularity, and it’s not born out of Unicron’s death.

    Thank you for this ride: it was awesome! Best Transformers saga of the year, together with Last Stand Of The Wreckers and Nefarious.

  7. Joetx says:

    Thank you, Mr. Furman. Now Energon can finally R.I.P.

    Brilliant conclusion to the series!

  8. DVXPrime says:

    Fab,groovy,and far out Mr. Furman.

    MUCH better than the confused, ridiculous mess that was the animated cartoon.

    Well done Simon! A Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!

  9. Black Bumblebee says:

    I also wanted to be on the list to say “thank you.” When you look at how much plot and action is in just one of your comic books, and compare it to… let us say… “current” Transformer comic writers, there is no contest–you win hands down.

  10. Paul-Agnew says:

    Have to agree with everyone here; that was an absolutely fantastic insight overall to what could have (and should have, for that matter) been.

    Just one question though Mr. Furman. With Unicron’s utter destruction, does this mean his influence on the Four Horsemen is still active in one form or another? Or would Terrorsaur, Airazor, Cheetor, and Rhinox revert back to somewhat original function?

    Thanks again for livening up many down days when they were needed most.

  11. Coptur says:

    Again a big thank you for finishing Energon.

    Would the Cybertron Thundercracker of been a different character to the Armada version in your comic? Purely going by the Cyb cartoon that TC appears young & immature and whereas the Arm TC profile made him out to be much older

  12. Robotmel says:

    First time here, boy what a fool i’ve been!!
    Gonna throw this right in there, now that Simon has put this out there, are any budding fan-artists out there willing to put a picture to his words and ideas?
    Maybe even the TFCC would consider stepping up..!
    Till all are one 😉

  13. GrandChancellor says:

    The whole debacle, with Dreamwave still infuriates to no end. Knowing, that scripts for episodes were done but will never see the light of day in comic format but just being able to read the outlines here more than makes up for that…

    I look forward to reading the next script outlines
    posted by you.

  14. simon furman says:

    A few answers to specific questions first:

    Prime and Jetfire were given the Spark of Combination by Over-Run (via the Mini-Con Matrix) in Armada #17.

    Not sure about the final fate of the four Horsemen. They’re defeated (destroyed?) by Omega Supreme. But how that would have played out (in Cybertron) I’m not totally sure.

    As much as possible, I tried to make all the Energon characters equate pretty closely to their Armada versions, so Energon Thundercracker would have been played as much as possible like the Armada version.

    And, just generally, kudos to everyone for the incredible site stats over the past few weeks and the amazingly positive feedback, both here and on various other forums (TFW 2005, Seibertron, AllSpark, IDW, etc — who all helped spread the word). Other than over at TFArchive (who seem to thrive on negativity), everyone’s been hugely supportive and appreciative of this venture, and for that you have my humble thanks. The whole Dreamwave mess left a very bad aftertaste, and this is something I’ve wanted to get out of system for quite some time now. The sense that it’s had such a warm and enthusiastic reception makes all the time and effort worthwhile. Cheers!


  15. Charles RB says:

    You could cut everything else out and I’d STILL want to read this just for the moment when the grand, sinister schemes of Unicron and the Quintessons come smashing into each other. That fight sounds EPIC

  16. coptur says:

    again thank you Mr Furman, for you rdw incite. look foward to your next signing in london, missed you that last couple for years and hope you eventually come back to the world of transformers sooner rather than later. if you do another spotlight please pick a really obscure character(if the choice is yours)

    Have a fantastic christmas !

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