Looking for the elusive issue of X-Men? Prowling the back issue bins for that lesser-spotted Spider-Man comic? This coming Sunday, February 6th, I’ll once more be at the National Collector’s Marketplace selling off my extensive collection of Marvel (and, to a lesser extent) DC comics, so if you’re in the London area why not pop along to the Royal National Hotel, Bedford Way, London WC1 (nearest tube: Russell Square) and see if you can pick up a bargain. I’ll be bringing with me some Transformers comics too, which I’ll be delighted to sign, and rarities such as the Death’s Head graphic novel, The Body in Question. Doors open at 12 noon. Hope to see you there!

2 Responses to NATIONAL HUNT

  1. Jim Kinsey says:

    Thanks again for holding that Death’s Head GN for me! You’re a true gent!

  2. Jesse Kale says:

    Dang. I wish I lived in the UK for that con. I’d just like to say your Death’s Head comics were really the ones that started getting me collecting and back issue hunting. Sadly, living in the US, i found out that a 12 year old asking dealers for copies of Death’s Head the Body in Question was odd, and they’d usually reply with such a comic doesn’t exist.

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