Next Sunday (March 6th) I’ll be in Fordingbridge, in Hampshire, for All the Cool Stuff’s combined Transformers/Action Force mini-con(vention), Roll Out/Roll Call 2, along with artists Geoff Senior, Andrew Wildman and John Higgins. The event kicks off at 10AM in Fordingbridge Town Hall and runs through until 5PM. I’ll be bringing with me Transformers (and Action Force) comics, graphic novels and other, well, cool stuff for sale/signature. Can’t remember the last time Geoff, Andy and I were all together at an event, and John Higgins (who provided amazing covers and posters ā€” anyone remember that amazing snowy Dinobots scene he painted? ā€” for TF-UK) makes it a line-up not to be missed. For more details check out the All The Cool Stuff site here. Look forward to seeing you there!

3 Responses to ROLL UP FOR ROLL OUT!

  1. Dave Seager says:

    I came along to the previous All The Cool Things event and had a great time, so I’ll be there again with my daughter. I just need to find something else to get signed…

  2. Kev says:

    Arrrgghh, conflicts with another appointment, won’t be able to make it.
    I was hoping to come along.
    Maybe next time.

  3. kevin ward says:

    roll up for roll out 2 was excellent simon, andy, martin, geoff and the rest were all great it was a honour to meet them, I can’t praise them enough.

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