Just to let everyone know that I’ll be one of the guests at Mark Millar’s Kapow Comicon this coming Saturday and Sunday (April 9th & 10th). My official signing slot is between 10-11AM on the Saturday, but I’ll be around and about all of Saturday and at least some of Sunday. Aiming (hopefully) to have a pile of Marvel Heroes (featuring my Hulk vs Death’s Head strip) to sign at the event, and probably other stuff too. The event is in London, at the Design Centre in Islington, 52 Upper St, London N1 (nearest tube Angel, but Highbury & Islington isn’t far either). For more info and ticket availability check out the Kapow website here. Hope to see you there!

12 Responses to BOOM, BASH — KAPOW!

  1. Darragh says:

    What number table will you be at for the official signing slot on the Saturday, do you know?

  2. simon furman says:

    Signing ‘A’. Hopefully that means something to someone!


  3. Darragh says:

    Ha. I expect there’ll be a map or something with the entry packs. Hopefully, the venue won’t be too much of a labyrinth!

  4. simon furman says:

    Barring any last unforeseen hitches I’ll have copies of the Hulk vs Death’s Head issue of Marvel Heroes with me for sale/signature on the day. Thanks to Panini for making this happen!

  5. Kev says:

    The more the word can be spread about Death’s Head being around again the better.
    Any news on a continuation of his saga anytime soon? I regular slot in one of the collectors editions would be nice. You really must be given the chance to sort out the mess that is Death’s Head continuity!

  6. Gavin Bell says:

    hi simon, any chance you’ll make the comic con in glasgow this summer? Think millar’s involved with that one too…

  7. simon furman says:

    Don’t know about the Glasgow con. Next up for me is WalesCon in early June (in Wrexham).

  8. simon furman says:

    Thanks to everyone who dropped in for my signing at Kapow on Saturday. Great to meet so many of you and sign quite such a wide range of my work from the past 25 years. Anyone who missed out, I’ll be at the next National Collector’s Marketplace on May 1st and then WalesCon on June 5th. More details soon!

  9. bassbot says:

    Hope it went well Simon! Did you hand many flyers out? We’re close to 1200 signatures. Did you see what Chris Ryall tweeted us?!?

  10. simon furman says:

    Yeah, I did see Chris’ tweet. Nice to have some kind of (in)formal response from IDW. Long way to go though!

  11. Peter Hodgson says:

    Hi Simon – this issue is amazing. Do you still have some copies of the issue to bring to sell at AA2011? My friend overseas wants a copy & they have just taken it off the shelfs. I’m getting my aa2011 ticket soon so can collect the issue at the convention. I’ll have a few comics again to get signed – but i picked up the Armada #0-18 trade so only have to take one item instead of issue #6-18 for signing. I’ll have to look in your box of TPB’s to see which others I can pick up so can get you to just signed one trade instead of 6 issues. Also the trade have the cover collections in them & extra stuff.

  12. simon furman says:

    Hi Peter, I ‘ll put you aside a copy for AA, as there are a few conventions coming up inbetween, and I expect the bulk will go at those.

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