The story begun on this very blog, in a recent Q&A I did for IDW forum users, concerning the possible/potential revival of the original Transformers comic series (that ended back in 1991 with issue #80) has exploded onto the wider comics arena thanks to Newsarama, one of the biggest and best comics news sites on the web. With new interview excerpts from me, plus links to the online petition that is already past 1300 sign-ups and climbing all the time, the Newsarama feature can be viewed here.


4 Responses to NEW NEWS @ NEWSARAMA

  1. Franco says:

    Sweet news, I’m going to spread them as soon as I can!

  2. Ron says:


    Awesome article on newsarama!! I have no idea if Albert took what I submitted with the press release Luke developed and just ran with that to make an even better article. Or if it was purely correspondence between you guys, but the petition was helped out hugely with that. As of this morning it was right at 1600 signees!! I don’t know if you and Andy Wildman would be able to get similar stories ran by other major news sites like comic book resources, but the more the better!!


  3. simon furman says:

    This was pretty much something I set up with Albert via email. But whatever the case, the response was and is amazing!

  4. Aaron says:

    I really hope this happens…the story arc of the new series is nothing compared to the older story lines you came up with.. I really enjoyed the history of the transformers and unicron. There is so much story to tell, especially with the fallen and primis…I hope this happens so u can keep telling great stories.

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