The Allspark has an interview with me over on their site about the state of play with the possible relaunch of the original Marvel Transformers series. You can find it here. And if this is something you’d like to see come about, you can help by adding your name to the growing petition here.

5 Responses to WAR TO END ALL WARS

  1. Ralph Burns says:

    I very much like the idea of jumping the story forward and setting it ‘now’. Has a great potential for capturing the spirit of the original series, keeping it fresh and relevant: not just a nostalgia piece. Which is the way to bring it back, really.
    I hope IDW bite on it!

  2. Hi Simon, was awesome to see this interview and great details about where you’re coming at it from – at least at one point.

    Every time an official article or interview pops up it really gets the petition going! And with all the art now I think we’ve really got a great movement going.

    Ron and I still have a few ideas up our sleeve too!


  3. Michael Alex Kawa says:

    At first i did not know if this was a great idea ,but i did sign the petition just to see what you had planed .After reading your interview now i want it more .I, so you know ,LOVED your G2 story (Unlike a lot of others) ,but #80 did seemed rushed ,and i know how that must of been for you ,as a fan i felt that .I hate to do this ,if this happens maybe you could use Dreadwing from G2 ,he is such a cool figure ,and got almost no time in the G2 book .

  4. Adam Johnson says:

    I love and look very forward to a relauch of the original series picking up with 81. As fan, I hate to say this but I was never into the current things with IDW is doing right now as I love the work of Dreamwave, but I would love to see this series pick up again.

    It be great to see what happens after 80, and there maybe chance of seeing characters that haven’t got a chance to shine before and a possible connection to G2 and elements of War Within.

  5. bassbot says:

    the 2nd half of the interview has been posted up!

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