Just a reminder that I’ll be appearing at the Wales Comic Con in Wrexham, this coming Sunday (June 5th), and bringing with me the usual comics, scripts and graphic novels for sale/signature. Among the highlights this year are the debut of the script for the unpublished Transformers: War Within — Age of Wrath #5 (with accompanying precis of #6) and copies of Marvel Heroes featuring my Hulk vs Death’s Head story. And sat right beside me will be none other than Andrew Wildman! So if you’re in the area or feel the urge to travel, we look forward to seeing you there. Wales Comic Con takes place at the Glydwr University, Wrexham, and tickets cost just £5 (doors open 10AM). For more details on the event, the venue and the amazing guest line-up, check out the Wales Comic Con site here.


  1. Al Green says:

    Can’t wait!! So glad you can make it – especially with Botcon being on this weekend!! I take it it’s ok to bring along some old comics to get you and Andy to sign? I’ve got my Death’s Head and Strip issues on standby!!

  2. simon furman says:

    Oh, for sure. We’ll sign anything! Let me know it’s you. It’s always good to put faces to names.

  3. Gabriel Livingston says:

    Hey there Mr. Furman! I live in the US and wasn’t able to attend the con there this past weekend. A friend of mine went there for me and got some books signed there for me. He also had you sign an index card to my daughter Winter. He mentioned to me that you had scripts there for the uncompleted Age of Wrath books, which would be sweet as all hell to get. However, he wasn’t able to purchase them because he didn’t have enough money for them. Is there any way I could possibly purchase those from you and have them mailed to the US? I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and I look forward to hearing from you!

  4. simon furman says:

    Hi Gabriel, there’s a pair of scripts up for grabs over on my ebay page. Check out the item on my blog main page for the link. — Simon

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