Just a quick note that the second half of the War to End All Wars Q&A I did for Transformers site The Allspark is now up, with more info on the proposed continuation of the original Transformers series, which ended in 1991. You can read the original half of the interview here, the second half here, and don’t forget (if you haven’t already) to sign the petition here.

4 Responses to WAR TO END ALL WARS… AGAIN!

  1. Ralph Burns says:

    I am sendiing mind-bullets IDW’s way to make this happen!

  2. Michael Alex Kawa says:

    I at first hoped that G2 would not be overlooked ,cause how much i liked it ,but i see your point .I never thought of it but we never got to know how Prime did deal with being dead (Twice if you think of it ) ,and how Grimlock cured his “Problem” .So in a sense G2 was like a reboot or a different continuity .By the way i do have one thing for you to think about ,is Optimus Prime really Optimus Prime or a copy of him ? If you think about how he got killed in Issue #24 (US Marvel) and how he was brought back in Issue #42 (kind of weird that the two issues have reversed numbers) ,is he the real Prime ? What did Ethan Zachary save on his “Floppy Disc” was there even enough Byts to store a spark of a Transformer ? These were just some thoughts i had .I do hope IDW will green light the project ,if for the only reason of seeing you and Andy with the TF again .You guys are a great team .

  3. BB Shockwave says:

    Darn, about 2000 signatures only. I have requested every hungarian TF fan I could find to sign it – the Marvel Comics written by you and Bud were the first TF fiction to reach my country, so they are the “classics” here amongst the 30-something crowd, so I have done my part. 🙂

    The ideas you have detailed sound awesome, and I was hoping you’d try and bring back Scorponok somehow (can we get him to return in the Action Master Elite Doublepunch body, please? :)) And I always wondered whether Circuit-Breaker ever woke up from that coma. Though, I am especially intrigued by the Con-Bot society existing more or less peacefully on Cybertron. Seeing the ancient enemies working side-by-side in the aftermath of the Unicron battle (even if guys like Grimlock had ‘trouble’ adjusting) always interested me.

    One more, non TF-related question – I have been trying to get more info on the Matt Hatter Chronicles (I really liked your writing on episodes of X-Men Evolution and The Roswell Conspiracies), but there is simply close to zero about the concept or the characters of this show on the web. Could you please disclose some details about the show here on your blog someday?

  4. simon furman says:

    Big shout out and thank you to The AllSpark, who have frontpaged an ad link to the petition! Their support is much appreciated! You can visit the AllSpark here.


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