Okay, hardly drawn breath from last Sunday’s amazing Wales Comic Con and I’m off to play comic dealer again at the latest National Collector’s Marketplace this Sunday (June 12th) — at the Royal National Hotel, just off Russell Square in London. In addition to my boxes of Marvel and DC comics from the 80s and 90s, I’ll have Transformers comics and signed original Transformers scripts (Age of Wrath #4, Age of Wrath #5 + a potted overview of #6, and Transformers #80 from 1991) with me. So if you missed out on Wales and can’t make Auto Assembly in August, this is your chance. Doors open at 12 and admission is free. For more details, check out the NCM site here.

3 Responses to NCM – THIS SUNDAY

  1. k says:

    So Great! In that means, could we see the rest scripts of war within Ⅲ? How about the rests of DW OM?

  2. simon furman says:

    By OM, do you mean original material? I already published the outline for the remainder of TF Energon here on my blog. That’s about it from me on DW front.

    • k says:

      Sorry for my bad abbreviation, I mean DW on going series.
      I remebered you publish the DW issue #14 in this blog on Christmas(?) last year.
      We’re so glad to see skyfire still alive, because most of us think he is dead in the battle against Sunstorm.
      And see the news that you’ll bring some scripts to Wales, we just hope someday could see the rests of DW on going series.
      ^^ Sorry for my bad English again.

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