Comics news site Newsarama has posted a feature on the upcoming Transformers #81 (which picks up from the original Marvel Transformers series that was cancelled back in 1991). Not too much in the way of more details, but there’s a quote or two from me in there. You can check it out here.


9 Responses to 81-ARAMA!

  1. This makes me so happy!

  2. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.Can’t wait :~)

  3. Ian says:

    Good news, shame it’s only to issue 100.
    This is what should have been done when IDW picked up the franchchise in the first place.

  4. Just read the news over at the IDW forums. Congratulations and, while I’d actually like Transformers to go on hiatus for a while, I look forward to reading the conclusion.

    Hopefully with Death’s Head 1.0 mixed in there somewhere 🙂

  5. Ausbot says:

    Been waiting a long time for this!

  6. Oh man, this is the best news I’ve heard in ages. I honestly didn’t think this would happen, I’m so chuffed it’s going ahead. It’ll be great to see Andy Wildman back on Transformer drawing duty (and obviously youself back on writing duty Simon). Do you think IDW could tempt Geoff Senior back for an issue or two as well…?

  7. Chris McAree says:

    What fantastic news. Any chance we might get to finally find out one of the great TK:UK mysteries? Namely, what happened to the “present day” Ultra Magnus who vanished from all the storylines after “Deadly Games,” round about #171?

  8. SEan says:

    Circuit Breaker can’t return because she’s owned by Marvel, but what about your famed Bounty Hunter? Also……Magnus vs Galvatron round 3.

  9. I may not be the best to answer this ,but just like Circuit Breaker and the rest of the Neo-Knights ,i believe that Death’s Head is also owned by Marvel .At least that is what i know ,i am sure that Simon knows more about this issue .If that is the case maybe IDW can make a arrangement with Marvel ,that is of course if Simon has any plans at all for either of them .:)

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