Like London buses, TF conventions don’t come for ages – then three come at once! With C.O.N.S (Germany) and TFCon Toronto – reports on both to come, when I have a moment – only just wrapped, I’m off again – this time only as far as Birmingham, for Auto Assembly 2011. This weekend (12-14th August) I’ll be at the Holiday Inn Birmingham City Centre for the UK’s (and Europe’s) biggest Transformers fan convention, Auto Assembly. I’ll be joining the likes of David Kaye, Gregg Berger, David Wise, Andrew Wildman, Geoff Senior, Nick Roche and James Roberts for another wild weekend of panels and events. Highlights for me include the live script reading, which I penned, on the Saturday night and a comics panel, Death’s Head panel and a special Target: 2006 panel on the Friday evening. As usual, I’ll be loaded with original scripts (War Within: Age of Wrath #4 & 5, plus #6’s outline as a free bonus, TF Marvel #80, and the AA voice actor scripts for 2009-2011… though 2011’s will only be available on the Sunday!) for signature/sale, comics (including Marvel Heroes, featuring Death’s Head), graphic novels and more. Look forward to seeing you there! For more information check out the AA website here.


  1. Peter Hodgson says:

    Hope your journey is safe, Simon. I’ll have good look at items for sale again.

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