Starburst, the online sci-fi magazine, has published a Dragon’s Claws retrospective, featuring a new interview with me. So if you remember the series (published by Marvel UK in the late 80s) with some fondness, here’s your chance to wander down memory lane. If you’ve never experienced Dragon’s Claws, the collected edition is available to buy on Amazon (and other shopping sites). Check out the Starburst feature here, and the collected edition here.

3 Responses to THE CLAWS ARE OUT!

  1. I remember the series ,mostly cause of the Death’s Head appearance .They were very hard to find in the US ,at that time .

  2. BB Shockwave says:

    Cool! Didn’t know there was a TPB already available… I checked out Dragon’s Claws in the nineties after I finished reading TF Marvel UK and Death’s Head, and still needed more Furman comics. 🙂 Very good storyline, and interesting characters – a pity is was not finished. I would have liked to learn more about Digit, he got the least amount of ‘pagetime’ from the team.

  3. Paul Ridgon says:

    Still one of my all time favourite series. That petition idea might not be a bad one Simon, but would Marvel want to redo the characters and setting? As much as Ii would love to see a return by the characters, the thought of what might happen to them scares me…

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