The second of two recent interviews I did for online sci-fi mag Starburst is now up. This one features my thoughts and recollections on Death’s Head, the erstwhile ‘freelance peacekeeping agent’, whose 24-year career has seen him progress through Transformers, Doctor Who, Dragon’s Claws, She-Hulk, Fantastic Four (and many others) into his own series & original graphic novel (and on into various reinventions). You can check out the interview here.


  1. Very cool ,thanks for the link .I always wanted to know your take on “Death’s Head 2 ” .I never liked what they did to him ,and did not enjoy the series at all .

  2. Martin Kimber says:

    I gre up with Simons Transformers and Death’s Head comics. I also found the What If? episode extremely cathartic. Great works Simon you’re one of my heroes. Now if oly they could be persuaded to give you another shot at Death’s Head….

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