Anyone looking for more news on Transformers: Regeneration One, the restart of the original Marvel Transformers comic (which ended, abruptly, back in 1991) should scoot on over to Comic Book Resources, who have an exclusive (and in-depth) interview with me on that very subject (including some art unveiled for the first time). You can read the full interview here. And feel free to leave thoughts, posts, questions in this thread. Can’t guarantee I’ll be able to answer all your questions, as we don’t want to give everything away, but I’ll do what I can. Transformers: Regeneration One #80.5, a kind of primer for the new series and a recap for those who need it, hits stores on Free Comic Book Day 2012 (May 5th) and is, yes, free!



  1. Franco says:

    As I said: wonderful previews, full of promises and greatness (both story-wise and art-wise).

  2. primalscream says:

    All I really want to say is thank you so much for going back to this continuity and putting so much thought into what it should include and be about. I really can’t wait for this to hit the shelves and very much looking forward to having you write G1 again!

    Interesting that the Wreckers are to be included – are these perhaps the survivors from Marvel UK or a whole new team?

    • simon furman says:

      The Wreckers are kind of classic Wreckers. Though I don’t want to get into another G2-style debate, we’re using elements of the Marvel UK storyline but not the stories themselves. As far as the US Marvel (now IDW) series goes, this is (technically) the Wreckers’ first appearance.

      • So is this going to be the same sort of thing as when you moved over to Marvel US then?

        Eg, in Matrix Quest Part 4 IIRC, you reference the Deathbringer story you did in the UK books, but do it in a way that someone who’s never read those stories isn’t lost. (And I guess also similar to how characters like the Mayhem Attack Squad and Thunderwing got UK debuts, but those weren’t needed to have been read by US fans).

  3. Franco says:

    Circuit Smasher is just a name change, I think… ?

  4. simon furman says:

    Danforth, over on the IDW forums, had this to say:

    “I’m saying the continuity splits into two parallel universes after Marvel #80: one contains G2 and one contains Regeneration One, and like all split universes, things will be common to both.”

    Which pretty much sums up the G2 situation as far as RG1 is concerned. Thanks!

    • This, of course, ignores the already-existing splits after Marvel #80, specifically including the Official Transformers Collectors’ Club’s “Classicverse” and your own “Another Time and Place” in addition to the splits mentioned by Danforth.

      But THIS is the one I look most forward to! Eagerly awaiting the return of G.B. Blackrock!

      • simon furman says:

        We have to put ourselves in the mindset of 80.5 etc coming a month after #80, as if there’d been no 21 year gap. So nothing that came after exists. But, of course, with hindsight, I have all that texture to draw on. You may have noticed a mention of Nova Point in the interview, which is a direct reference to Another Time and Place. But if you’ve never read that story (and we have to assume many US readers won’t have) you aren’t immediately excluded. It’s just a nod, a kind of easter egg, for those who have.

  5. Sean says:

    Gonna be awesome. Looking forward to Prime vs Megatron. IMO, that’s something that should cap of the entire story. Prime and Megs represent the hero/ villain and good/evil of the Transformers. It’s only fitting that they’d have the last fight, in the last battle, of the last day of the war. Of course it’s your story, I’m just happy the icons are going to have their last fight.

    Question, I’m confused about your Wreckers comments above. Do you still concider the the UK and US stories as one continuity? You say the wreckers will mostly be classic, but mosto f em were killed by Megs and Glavatron in Time Wars./ Jus

    • What some folks seem not to grasp is that, in the splinter universe that “ReGeneration One” will inhabit, the UK stories didn’t happen! While Furman will use some of those concepts again (as he’s also doing with G2 concepts), there is no need to reconcile them with what happened in the UK stories, because they didn’t happen in this universe.

      • simon furman says:

        Again (see previous reply), we can’t assume that US readers are conversant with the UK stories. So again, they’re a source of texture, and β€” in the case of the Wreckers β€” a character! When we introduced Galvatron in the US series, back in #67, we had to make him a different Galvatron to the one in Target: 2006 et al, because at the time there was little if no access to the UK issues. That’s our same rule of thumb here. We can’t assume everyone knows those stories, and RG1 is, first and foremost, a continuation of the US series.

  6. Chris McAree says:

    Simply…thank you!

  7. Sean says:

    I think I understand. The UK stuff was always it’s own beast written so that it fit with the continuity of the US, but didn’t necessarly have to be required reading for US readers. So basically this will be Magnus and Galvatrons first meeting, correct? Will you throw in a nod to the UK fans who know it’s their 3rd fight? Maybe a look from Magnus that reads,” Oh no, not him again.” I guess you can’t because that means you’d assume that readers would know that Magnus had met a Galvatron before. No big deal to me though. I’m happy with the Wreckers returning unscathed. A continuity issue like that can be just written off as them being rebuilt.

    • Heck – the G1 comic offers up several ways to wholesale COPY Transformers.

      I’m reminded of that wave of Autobots from early on in the run, who were animated using personality backups – it’s kinda implied that those Autobots are COPIES of others, which opens up the door for the idea that there could be two of them.

    • simon furman says:

      It’s almost a given that when (not if) Ultra Magnus and Galvatron do meet up, I’ll be littering their encounter(s) with little nods to past encounters (that didn’t happen). Different Galvatron too. US Galvatron was poached from an alternate dimension by Unicron’s lackeys, Hook, Line & Sinker.

  8. David Grew says:

    Simon, as a very very long term Marvel UK reader (my first issue was the classic Wrath of Guardian/Wrath of Grimlock) this truly is a dream come true to pick up this batten!!

    In the Marvel US Continuity, Optimus Prime and Megatron only ever actually directly clashed a handful of times through the run (issues 2, 4 and 24), and even those clashes were quite low key, so it will be a treat to see a proper full on clash between the two – it would be awesome to leave this until the very end (issue 100), and furthermore it would be refreshing to see Optimus Prime triumphant rather than Megatron (as always seems to happen in IDW continuity clashes).

    • Sean says:

      Definitly agree here, and said so above. Of course what ever Simon does will be awesome anyway, but it just seems to me that it would be most fitting if those two capped off the story. Besides the tape deck guy, Prime and Megs are the two icons everyone remembers when thinking Transformers. Even if your not a fan, they are part of pop culture. They are and always have been the two main good and bad guys.

      Concidering that the comic book predated the cartoon by ever so many months, how awesome would it be to have the final battle in the Transformers story be between the original Prime and the original Megatron.

  9. David Grew says:

    Simon, any chance you can pursuade your mate Geoff Senior into doing the odd cover or two??

  10. Coptur says:

    Simon, As long as you give Reflector a nod i’ll be happy πŸ˜‰

  11. Assad says:

    Would love to see the MECHANIC one more time!!!

  12. michaelalexkawa says:

    I just have a few questions/comments . In the article ,you said “What about the original heads of the Headmasters, still on Nebulos? ” .I can see where you are going with this because in Headmasters issue #2 ,where the Nebulans turn into heads that only resemble the original heads of the Headmaster Autobots ,and communicated with the Nebulans .I see a few holes in this .Issue #42 it is not brought up at all to the Autobots ,and there was that bomb that Hi-Q and Hi-Test detonated, tainting all fuel sources on the planet so as to be poisonous to any Transformer .So how did they survive and why were they not destroyed .Then it always seemed that even on earth the Nebulan always had some connection to the Transformer ,and not one time were asked “Please come back get me my head ” . Also when Spike got the suit from Galen -issue #38 ,it then seemed that he became connected to Fort Max .There was something i also read that this issue was resolved in the UK (i don’t have the issue ) -Transformers Annual 1988 -The Final Conflict ,from what i have read it says-from the page - “The Headmasters are shown to retain their original heads, which can be detached and placed inside chambers in their body whilst their Nebulan companions have formed their new heads. This is an idea not seen elsewhere in fiction featuring the Headmasters”- ,Not having the issue i am only going by the site’s word . There is also the question of the Decepticons heads ?? . I never saw this as an issue or a story-line worth exploring ,but i guess you do . I will say this one more time ,the question i have always had was ,Is the Optimus Prime in any issue after #41 the real Optimus or just a copy ?If you want to know what i mean ,think about issue #24 ,where Ethan Zachary saved a COPY of Optimus Prime’s CHARACTER on a floppy disk. Since the Matrix stayed with the dead body of Prime reveled in issue #65 ,i believe his “REAL SPARK ” is there .Just something for you to think about . By the way before all the fans out there correct me ,i know that the word “SPARK” was not used till Beast Wars ,but i feel it is the best way to address/describe a Transformer’s life force aka soul ,which (i will say it again ) can NOT be saved on a floppy disc . By the way Simon ,you are my favorite TF writer ,and i know no matter what ,i will enjoy RG1 .

    • simon furman says:

      Well, the bomb in #42 is designed by HiQ to poison the fuel on Nebulos, so Transformers couldn’t use it. But in and of itself, the atmosphere of Nebulos is not poisonous to Transformers. It’s only if they need to refuel once there. And since the Powermaster process got around that whole issue, it’s probably safe to assume there have been other refinements since.

      As for the original heads of the Headmasters, I’m pretty sure that nothing is overtly stated about where they physically are, or what became of them. But there is a suggestion, before the Nebulans undergo the Headmaster process, the real heads are in a kind of stasis/storage situation. Certainly that idea of the original heads being stored inside the Headmasters’ bodies was never set up in the US series.

      Anyway, all will be revealed/addressed in due course. But trust me, I’m aware of all this stuff.

      • Franco says:

        We trust you!
        Well, I do.
        I’d just like to add that in the original Headmasters miniseries a note stated that the original heads kept a radio contact with their bodies, even when they were stored away somewhere.
        (I wonder where did the head of the successively-created Headmasters go!)

      • Thanks for the info Simon ,and i really can’t wait till i get to read RG1 . @ Franco ,that is what i meant when i said they “communicated ” with the Heads . But with how long my comment is i can see how you missed that .:)

  13. Ted says:

    Thank you so much Simon for going back to basics with Regeneration One. Maybe in 10 years or so, you can go back to IDW’s series and continue from Revelation into Expansion πŸ™‚

  14. Coptur says:

    Simon, Its been a while since I asked but you hinted at naming Optimus Primes Trailer after you did the Escalation story arc will you be doing it for the Regeneration story instead??

    Looking forward to the beginning of the end..

    ps we need more Reflector lol

  15. Jon Steele says:

    Hi Simon,
    Slightly off topic, but have you heard that Marvel is finally making a Death’s Head action figure due out in 2013?!

    • simon furman says:

      Yeah, how cool is that. Once there’s something visual to go on, I’ll flag it up on the blog proper. Really, really hoping they go with one the original Death’s Heads and not II or 3.0.

  16. Kent says:

    Looking forward to seeing how the Megatron and Ratchet feeling/seeing everything the other one does plays out. This combined with Galvatron and Megatron teaming up together would be an unbelievably amazing plot!!!!!

    Your Botcon panel was AMAZING!!!!!

  17. I received my copy of the 80.5 issue and it was fantastic! I expected a plain recap of previous events… instead the recap is part of a story that moves forward at an amazing pace. The “full circle” of the final pages is brilliant: I love this clever structured storytelling.
    I was also quite fond of the accurate reconstruction of the original feeling: purple Soundwave, bucket-head Megatron, the color scheme of the Lords of Light and Darknes and so on…
    I also got some UK series references, like the Nova Point, Kalis, Flywheels, the Wreckers and Ultra Magnus (of course).
    I believe that some of the featured Decepticons died, like Battletrap and that Firecon, but I’m not sure I properly recognized them.
    And anyway, even if they died… one died on Cybertron, which at the same time was being reborn (and probably resurrected him as well in the process), while the other died on Klo (where the Last Aurtobot resurrected so many mechs). So, I think continuity would be safe (of course, I may have mistaken them for someone else).

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