Matt Hatter Chronicles, the new animated TV show I’ve been writing for and script supervising on, makes the leap from cable (Nick-Toons) to terrestrial (ITV) this coming Sunday, March 11th, at 7.30AM (I know! Set the video!). The series kicks off with the pilot episode, ‘Knights of the Multiverse’, which — by coincidence — I wrote with series creator Nigel Stone. To view ITV’s trailer for the show, click the link here.

One Response to MHC – ITV

  1. Peter Hodgson says:

    The show is replacing Spiderman on the sunday morning slot. So we should have an updated trailer for weekends with this advertised – they must be sticking with Marvel repeats for saturday mornings. It’s great that we get a Furman story from the start & they should show them in order [unless they do a Beast Wars & skip 9]

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