I need your help. At some point between last year’s Roll Out, Roll Call and this year’s, two pieces of original Transformers comic art I supplied for display ‘went missing’. The items in question are the final page of Transformers UK #78 (Target: 2006 prologue), by Jeff Anderson, and page 2 (the title page) of 1985 Annual story, ‘And There Shall Come A Leader’, by John Stokes. See below for images, but bear in mind the missing pages are the black & white line originals on artboard (at larger than printed scale). These pages were kindly given me by the artists in question, and are quite simply irreplaceable. So, could I ask all transfans to be vigilant. If you see or have seen these items for sale, or know who has them, please contact me via the Wildfur website (& the contact email thereon). All information will be treated in strict confidence and I’m offering a reward of rare/signed Transformers goodies to anyone with information leading directly to their recovery. Thank you.




  1. sierra098 says:

    Hope ya find this, sucks to lose something as nice as this

  2. Marc Graham says:

    I hope they turn up Simon – they are both awesome pages in some pretty critical Marvel UK stories.

    Also – big congrats on being made part of the Transformers hall of fame – you really deserve it!

  3. Ralph Burns says:

    I do hope these pages turn up.

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