After that somewhat downbeat last item, some extremely good news. Hurrah! I’m very proud and honoured to inducted into Hasbro’s Transformers Hall of Fame this year. I’ll be joining such TF luminaries as Peter Cullen, Bob Budiansky, Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg in the Hall of Fame, with the official induction event happening at this year’s Botcon convention in Dallas, Texas on Saturday April 28th. Which of course means I’ll be attending this year’s Botcon, which runs in its entirety from April 26th-29th. So no doubt there’ll be signings, etc. If you’re so inclined, you can also go check out the official Hasbro news item about this year’s (human) Hall of Fame inductees!

8 Responses to INDUCTED!

  1. Marc Graham says:

    Congratulations – you are very deserving of this given your many contributions to the Transformers brand over the past few decades.

    I’ll be there in Texas, looking forward to it!

  2. Alex says:

    Hey Simon, congratulations – your induction is thoroughly deserved. You are now as important to Hasbro as Optimus Prime!

  3. John-Paul says:

    Bravo sir!

  4. michaelalexkawa says:

    AWESOME ……..,it’s about time . The first time i have read your work ,(Transformers US # 56) ,i knew you were something special ,and that was before i knew about your TF work in the UK . When ever i think of Transformers ,(which is almost all the time ) i think of you .In my opinion you have had the most influence in the massive world of The Transformers .

  5. Colin says:

    Congrats Simon, I’ll see you there.

  6. Incredibly well deserved, and (despite it being only the third year of it) long overdue! Cheers to you, Simon. Looking forward to finally meeting you in person next month.

  7. simon furman says:

    Just want to thank everyone for the kind words, here and elsewhere.

    And Casey, looking forward to meeting you too!


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