On Saturday May 5th, Free Comic Book Day, the entire Transformers: Regeneration One team will be in Orbital Comics, in London, signing RG1 #80.5, the much-awaited continuation of the original Marvel series that ended back in 1991. So that’s me, Andrew Wildman, Stephen Baskerville & John-Paul Bove, all poised to sign your — FREE — copy of #80.5. Does it get much better than that? The signing runs from 12-2PM, so make sure you’re there to grab your copy. The FCBD issues tend to go fast! For more details and how to find Orbital Comics, check out their website here.
UPDATE: There’s also a segment of me talking about Regeneration One on the Orbital podcast, here. Episode 58, around the one hour 47 min mark.

3 Responses to IN ORBIT-AL

  1. Just found out about Regeneration One. You ARE the Transformers Mr. Furman and Andrew Wildman was the first truly great Transformers artist. I never even imagined this series was a possibility. Stoked!

  2. paul says:

    I can’t wait for this to hit the store shelves. However, I was wondering if you are going to shed any light upon where Ratbat and Omega Supreme dissapeared to. The last time we saw of Omega he was in Ratches repair bay on the ark and the last time we saw Ratbat he was shot from behind by Scorponok. I was always dissapointed that after that they were never seen again. Granted, Omega was never used right in the G1 comics (of in the G1 cartoon for that matter) but Ratbat was a MAJOR player in the Marvel G1 universe and he just vanished.

  3. I can’t wait . Wish I was in London so that i could meet you guys (I have met you back in 1990 -Woodbridge New Jersey ) ,but never had the pleasure to meet the rest in person . But still very excited ,Free issue ,a series I have been waiting 21 years for . This is going to be a great year .

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