Two down (London Super Comic Con & Roll Out, Roll Call 3) and, well, lots more to go! Here’s the latest version of my 2012 convention/signing calendar:

April 27-29th: Botcon 2012, Dallas. I’ll be attending the premier US Transformers convention, where I’m to be inducted into Hasbro’s Transformers Hall of Fame.

May 5th: on Free Comic Book Day, I’ll be signing at Orbital Comics, London, along with the rest of the Regeneration One team.

May 19-20th: now in its second year, Mark Millar’s Kapow comicon features over 50 guests, and somewhere among them will be me.

July 22nd: C.O.N.S., the German Transformers convention has invited me back for a second year. Come along and see ace rock band Rampage!

Aug 3-5th: the UK’s flagship Transformers convention, Auto Assembly, at which I’m a bit of a fixture and fitting these days. Now in a great new location.

Sept 2nd: Nor-Con, a great little sci-fi and comic convention in Norwich. Me, Barry Kitson, a couple of Doctor Whos, and many more.

Nov TBC: Auto Assembly Europe moves across Sweden from Uppsala to Malmo, and it’s taking me with it.

So is that it for 2012? Probably not. Keep watching for more calendar updates soon!

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