The official Transformers facebook page is giving you the chance to ask me the burning question (preferably about Transformers – either my previous work or the upcoming Transformers Regeneration One) you’ve been dying to ask. But hurry – the invitation is only good up to 12 noon today (East Coast US time – so that’s 5PM to us brits), Friday April 20th. Answers up next week! You can visit the Transformers face page here.


One Response to ANY QUESTIONS?

  1. Chris McAree says:

    As I’m an irredeemable fanboy, I feel compelled to ask; who would win an all out, no holds barred fight to the death between your versions of G1 Galvatron and G1 Optimus Prime!!!! (and as a sneaky second, what was your own personal favourite issue of TF:UK).

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