ON THE ROAD 2012 (4) – KAPOW!

Convention season (year?) continues this coming Saturday, May 19th, as I journey, well, not very far down the road at all to Kapow 2012 — Mark Millar’s guest-soaked comics/TV/movies extravaganza at London’s Design Centre. I’ll be there on the Saturday, and will be bringing with me signed original scripts (for Transformers War Within – Age of Wrath #4&5, Dreamwave’s Beast Wars #1 & Transformers (1991) #80 – all, bar #80, unpublished) and copies of the already hyper-rare [signed] copies of Transformers Regeneration One #80.5. My official signing slot is between noon and 1PM on the Saturday (signing table A), but I’ll be around and about during the day so feel free to grab me (not literally) as I roam. For more details on Kapow and how to book tickets, check out their website here.



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