The countdown to the release of Transformers: Regeneration One #81 this Wednesday (July 11th) continues with the return of an old blog standard — the script (w)rap (pre-release digressions on the thought processes behind the comic script). Beware, though I take pains not to give away anything critical, there are always light spoilers.

So — while Regeneration One #80.5 has already come and gone — this felt to me like the big one, on which a lot was depending. Finally, after 21 years, the issue number count has rolled on from where we left off at issue #80 to #81. It really needed to grab and keep gripping. The FCBD #80.5 was a bridge, a scene-setter and a recap rolled into one, but now the story proper kicks in with a vengeance, and I wanted to waste no time getting the big guns back into the fray. No way was I going to start this issue with anything less than action, action, action, so we’re straight into a battle that may or may not be more than meets the eye. The story arc is called Loose Ends, and I wanted to get some of those ‘loose ends’ front and center. But how to do that? Galvatron was last seen disappearing under the Yukon ice, Bludgeon was sent packing after his defeat on Klo, Megatron (Shockwave and Starscream) was last seen aboard the Ark, which Ratchet crippled and sent plummeting down to Earth in a crash-dive. Scorponok died back in #75. Nevertheless, as we begin issue #81, Kup is seen battling multiple old foes. Just check out the amazing splash page art by Andrew Wildman. Boy, does he draw Bludgeon well. Then I wanted to waste no time in getting the Wreckers into action (making their US [original] series debut), and catching up with/continuing the violent unrest propagated by Soundwave’s ‘neo’ Decepticons in #80.5 (which led to the destruction of The Last Autobot). By the way, you’ll notice a singularly UK-centric member among this iteration of the Wreckers. So many things are being folded into this new/reinvigorated continuity. By the way, don’t worry if you didn’t catch #80.5, reading it is useful but not essential, as the scene on Cybertron is re-set by what unfolds at a weapons decommissioning plant (how topical). When I was planning out Regeneration One, I always knew where and what #81 had to end on. The cover is, of course, a bit of a giveaway. But I still fully expect jaws to drop at the sheer audacity of what Kup and the Wreckers find on Earth. I want no one to be in any doubt that this book is going to rip the ground out from under your feet and spin you around on a regular basis. You can rely on nothing any more. Literally, to paraphrase the opening of Stingray, “anything can happen in the next 22 pages”. And will. It gets ugly, fast, and we’re only just getting warmed up. And in among this, several Easter egg-ish nods and winks, a big bit of bubbling menace that’ll come slowly to the boil over the next ten or so issues and some characters making their debut you maybe thought would never appear in a G1 comic. Have I whetted your appetite? Good — only two days to go…


8 Responses to SCRIPT (W)RAP: TRANSFORMERS RG1 #81

  1. Awesome ,I really can’t wait .

  2. Peter Hodgson says:

    What If..? it was revealed that Cybertron & Earth are the same planet or both where destroyed by #100 [the Japan cartoon series did destroy Cybertron}

  3. Mansoor Ali Choudhury says:

    Awesome issue. We are in a golden age of TF fiction.

  4. Jim Semonik says:

    Great issue, Simon. How though do the Autobots know who Galvatron is by name? He was always kind of a stranger during those last 13 issues. Not to nit pick, but this one is bothering me. Of course I realise you have some sort of explanation.

    • simon furman says:

      For argument’s sake, and this is certainly how I rationalize it, Fort Max (who met and fought Galvatron in #79) reported back to the Autobots about his run-in with Galvatron, complete with optical playback. Notice there’s no mention of him being the future Megatron, because no one but Galvatron and Megatron know this.

      • Jim Semonik says:

        That is kinda what I thought but how did Fort Max get his name? I can’t remember if he uttered it during the fight or not. I assumed he would just be some unknown dude. I guess he could have muttered it “offscreen” or something. I just can’t wait to see what you do with that. Great work, buddy.

  5. Rotorstorm says:

    Just for clarification, does the classics Wreckers appearance mean the time wars never happened?

    I love the UK Wreckers stories but seeing most of them alive goes against what happened in the Time Wars, either they were brought back some how or the time wars never happened. I just find it strange as Rotorstorm, Pyro and Ironfist could easily have been used to bolster places left by the departed.

  6. Darren says:

    Fantastic to see Transformers return! It’s been worth the wait, well done to all of the team. My question is simple though. What happens this becomes so successful (and I hope this happens) that IDW want it to continue beyond issue 100? As it is now going to conclude at 100 with the story ending is there anyway that it could continue to 101 or would you have to change the ending of the storyline you have currently planned?

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