ON THE ROAD 2012 (6)

This coming weekend, I’m off to Germany for C.O.N.S., a Euro Transformers event with special guests Andrew Wildman, Klaus Scherwinski… and myself of course. The convention is over one day (Sunday July 22nd) and also features rock act Rampage — live on stage — who’ll no doubt be performing their Transformers inspired anthem ‘Letz Go transform’. I had a blast at last year’s C.O.N.S. (a very buzzy & friendly event with dealers, panels, cosplay, raffles and more). In fact, for this year’s event, I’ve written an exclusive voice play (to be performed by guests, organizers and attendees alike) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Transformers: Armada. It’s called “Tall Story” and it’s a bona fide C.O.N.S. exclusive. I’ll be bringing along my usual pile of signed original scripts, comics and more — so come along and join in if you can. For more details of the event itself, check out the C.O.N.S. website here.

One Response to ON THE ROAD 2012 (6)

  1. Peter Hodgson says:

    I would like to see IDW give Klaus another issue to co-write. Wheelie was amazing.

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