Transformers web resource and news site, The Allspark, has just published a quick Transformers: Regeneration One Q&A. You can view the questions (and answers) here.

4 Responses to RG1 @ THE ALLSPARK

  1. Thanks for the link ,and I am really glad someone asked the Ratchet question ..I also have a question ,when I was reading RG1 #81 ,thinking about Kup ,is he still paired up or binary bonded to Recoil ??I guess this question would apply to all the Headmasters ,Targetmasters ,and Powermasters .
    I would also like to say I am really enjoying Regeneration One ,and thanks for using Kup ,he is a favorite of mines .

  2. Dave Grew says:

    Just so that you can put this long term Marvel UK/US fan out of his misery, my fave character was always Shockwave in the original run, will we see his fate (following the Ark crash in #79), or have you simply forgotten him????? 🙂 Dave Grew.

    • Sean says:

      Damn, looks like all the villains are going to be resurrected. I see Ratbat in the back ground of the issue 3 cover. Thunderwing was a siluette in the background of issue 1, you’ve talked about bringing back Scorponok, and it looks like everybody who went down with the Ark made it. So in terms of major villains that’s Megatron, Starscream, Shockwave, Galvatron, Ratbat, Scorponok, Blungeon, and Thunderwing. All for it, gonna make for some great action. I just liked to ask you why you thought everyone needed to be brought back, especially when I’m assuming most of them will be dead again over the next 20 issues?

      • Sean says:

        oops, dave wasn’t meant to be a reply to your comment. I do think Shockwave made it going by one of the Alt covers I’ve seen. Plus there’s no way Simon would eave Shockwave out. He was probably the best villain of the entire Marvel G1 comic run. A shame this version of him has never been adapted for any TF cartoon.

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