September 28, 2012

To everyone who clicked and voted in the HeroClix/Marvel vote and got Death’s Head elected as the next figure. Job done! I reckon they’re just embarrassed to tell us what a landslide victory it was. Serious fan-voting power at work. I love it! The official announcement can be viewed here.


September 23, 2012

Another round of my ebay auction items have just gone live, including a script/comic pack, signed scripts and rare comics. All Transformers rarities. All signed. To check out the current listings, click here.


September 22, 2012

Forget Obama, forget… that other fellow, who keeps putting his foot in his mouth… Death’s Head needs your vote!! Yep, in the HeroClix Presidential race, Death’s Head is cutting a bloody swathe through the competition, eliminating the likes of Annihilus, the Executioner and Mangog (not bad when you consider he’s the personification of the hatred of a billion billion or so people) in the unseemly rush to become the next Marvel/HeroClix figure. So if you don’t want everyone’s favourite boun— Freelance Peacekeeping Agent to be humbled by the likes of Sleepwalker or Ghost Rider (second raters, eh?), hurry over to the HeroClix site here to register your vote. Apparently you can vote more than once (just wait an hour in between), so shall we say… a minimum of 10 votes each? Not too much to ask, huh? You have until Thursday September 27th to register your vote(s), so what are you still here reading this for? Get to it!


September 4, 2012

This Wednesday, September 5th, sees the release of Transformers: Regeneration One #83, and as is customary, I’m preceding that release with another of my script (w)raps, a kind of behind-the-scenes peek at some of the thought processes that went into the creation of the issue. My aim is to tease rather than spoil, but if you’re one of those admirable people who prefer to greet their comic minty fresh, cease reading now. You have been warned. So, third (full) issue, and it was time to give readers chapter and verse (well, mostly) on the current state of play on Earth, and what led up to it (and how things got quite so bad). Thus far, answers have been in short supply, but — before things get going full throttle in the all-out action department(s) — I wanted to take this brief gathering of forces, drawing of breath  time to fill in some blanks. The catalyst/propellant for this embittered and finger-pointing trip down the memory lane that is the past 21 years (of comic time) is Circuit Smasher, aka Spike Witwicky. Naturally, you’re wondering how the former brother of Buster and ex-head of Fortress Maximus came to be wrapped in tech that has a distinct lineage to a certain Circuit Breaker, and this issue has the answers you seek. Is that it? A bunch of recap stuff to fill a yawning continuity chasm? Not at all. There’s more, much more. Though we’re going to leave Grimlock’s story for the time being (that’s really the spine of the second arc, so I didn’t want to cram too much of it in here), Optimus Prime gets a rude wake-up call, we learn the fate of Kup (eek… nasty), the Wreckers get proactive, Dirtbag gets a cameo (it’s kind of my mission to get all the characters with the worst names into RG1!) and the machinations of Bludgeon and Soundwave start to come to the fore — leading to a pulse-quickening, trouser-shattering cliffhanger on page 22. There’s some nice easter egg-style references for you to pick up, one distinctly UK story-based,  another that’s a kind of an inter-company nod of the head, and some simply gorgeous Wildman/Baskerville/Bove art to enjoy. There’s a preview here, and the issue itself is in all good comic stores (or available online to download) tomorrow. Enjoy!