Forget Obama, forget… that other fellow, who keeps putting his foot in his mouth… Death’s Head needs your vote!! Yep, in the HeroClix Presidential race, Death’s Head is cutting a bloody swathe through the competition, eliminating the likes of Annihilus, the Executioner and Mangog (not bad when you consider he’s the personification of the hatred of a billion billion or so people) in the unseemly rush to become the next Marvel/HeroClix figure. So if you don’t want everyone’s favourite boun— Freelance Peacekeeping Agent to be humbled by the likes of Sleepwalker or Ghost Rider (second raters, eh?), hurry over to the HeroClix site here to register your vote. Apparently you can vote more than once (just wait an hour in between), so shall we say… a minimum of 10 votes each? Not too much to ask, huh? You have until Thursday September 27th to register your vote(s), so what are you still here reading this for? Get to it!


  1. Tony Thurstle says:

    We need a Freelance Peacekeeping Agent yes!

  2. Ian Hewett says:

    I’ve just cast my first vote, and shared on Facebook. I don’t know how much attention Marvel pay to Hero Clix, but you never know… They might suddenly decide that commissioning new DH material is A Very Good Idea.

  3. Chris McAree says:


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