October 14, 2012

Could it be the perfect gift for a Transformers fan? A signed original [unpublished] script or script/comic pack [for Regeneration One]? Check out my current ebay auctions here.


October 8, 2012

This coming Wednesday (October 10th) sees the release of Transformers: Regeneration One #84, and as is customary, by way of an appetite whetter, I’ve prepared a tease/preview of what you can expect. There are minor spoliers, so if you’re of a sensitive disposition look away now. Right then, by now we all know what’s coming right? Earth lies in post-apocalyptic ruins, thanks to Megatron and his zombie-con army, and Optimus Prime took his eye well and truly off the ball and feels the buck stops with him. And so the titanic (final?) dust-up between these two TF icons is now well and truly on the cards. But that’s next issue, right? So what happens in the meantime? Well, for a start, the Wreckers have no idea that help is coming. In fact, they’re almost certain their attempt to send an SOS back to Cybertron failed. And one of their own (namely Kup) is in enemy hands, infected by (and slowly dying of) a nasty Scraplet infection. So while we wait for the cavalry, they kick their own do or die plan(s) into action. Having been reliably informed that the Ark is where Megatron’s getting all his tactical oomph from, the solution seems straightforward — take out the Ark. Simple, right? Except it’s not. Far from it. And to complicate matters it’s important to at least make Megatron think their focus is on liberating Kup, which means dividing their meagre forces. So cue full bore action on two fronts, as one team of Wreckers head for Washington D.C. and the rest brave the Yukon ice and a whole slew of hidden dangers, courtesy of the Ark’s A.I. — ‘Auntie’. But it’s not quite as one-sided as you might think. Our human cast has a role to play too, a pivotal one. But are things going to end well? Probably not. This is me we’re talking about after all. Is that it? Not at all. There’s some portentous stuff happening on Cybertron, as Hot Rod is plunged into a vision so frighteningly real one might even start to think that what’s happening over on Earth is small potatoes in the grand scheme of RG1, and then there’s Starscream. A kind of mute bystander thus far, unable to do more than obey the commands of Megatron like some kind of mute automaton. But (infinitesimally) that’s about to change, and set in motion a gut-wrenching sequence of events! It’s pedal to the metal action all the way this issue, as the first story arc “Loose Ends” reaches its scorching penultimate chapter. Miss a page, and you’ll regret it forever. UPDATE – Preview can now be viewed here.


October 3, 2012

UPDATE — Nick and I will also be doing our script-to-page presentation, which takes a page of Spotlight: Shockwave through all stages from outline/script to sketch/breakdowns/finished art, at DCC on the 27th. The presentation also includes a gallery of rare/unseen Transformers artwork and will be followed by a Q&A session.

What a year it’s been! With the (re-)launch of Transformers: Regeneration One I’ve been around and out of the country promoting, talking up and signing the heck out of the comic, everywhere from London to Germany to Dallas, USA. And… it’s not over yet! In a few weeks’ time I’ll be heading to Dublin, signing in that city’s wonderful Dublin City Comics store, alongside Nick Roche (Maximum Dinobots, Last Stand of the Wreckers). All day on Saturday October 27th, Nick and I will be signing, talking and shaking hands, and maybe doing a special Q&A session too, so if you can pop along we’d love to see you. As always, I’ll have rare/signed original scripts, comic/script packs and more with me for sale. For more information and updates, check out their facebook page here.